Anastasiya Utorouwa from Karasuk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anastasiya Utorouwa the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-05-08 , financial damage US $ 570

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Anastasiya Utorouwa
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I received an almost identical series of letters from someone identifying themselves as a 29 year old Russian woman whose name is Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna Utorouwa from Karasuk in the Novosibirsk Oblast. She used the email address- I would be very curious to find out if anyone can identify who the girl in the pictures really is. She contacted me through a message from, giving me her email and asking me to write to her. I think originally she said she was from somewhere in Texas or Missouri (?). No matter. After we started corresponding she promptly closed her page on Match under the pretense that she was devoting herself all to me. I am divorced, overweight, 58 year old guy, so I had great suspicions why a beautiful 29 year old Russian girl would want to be with me, but as she continued to "write" me, my own loneliness and simple lust got the better of my senses and I really wanted to believe her. She managed to respond to the questions and content of my emails to keep my greater suspicions at bay. Then she made a big mistake in identifying a girl friend in a letter by a different name from what she had used before. She came back to me and said she was just testing me in how much I remembered what she had told me. Yeah, right. This prompted me to do a Google search using text from some of her emails and lo and behold, I found an almost identical series on this Romance Scam site. Well, that finally did it. I will say that I did find her letters entertaining, at times. I did really become enamored with this girl-- kinda like the movie where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with the computer. She also was very persistent. I think that whoever is behind these letters could make a lot of money if they just turned their attentions to a legitimate pursuit!! Damn, I wish this girl had been real. It was really fun to write to her-- for a while, that is. Anyhoo, here are her letters. I hope all the trouble that I have gone through in posting these helps someone else.

Tim, thanks that have answered my message. My name Anastasiya. I am 29 years old. I am sociable and cheerful person. But my life is similar to the night sky without stars. As in my life there is no the most important, love. In searches of the man of all my life, I have come on It seems to me to communicate through letters, very romantically and as it allows to learn much better the person before a meeting. I already communicated through the Internet, but it has not crowned success as men asked to send them my naked photos, for me it was first attribute of their frivolous attitude. And consequently I have stopped dialogue with them. I think, that you will agree with me that the decent girl not when will not send similar photos on email. Tim, I am rectilinear and fair person, I search only for serious relationships, only true feelings. I think what to construct attitudes, it not a simple problem and if you are ready to it I will be glad to continue dialogue with you. Tim if for you, it is simple entertainment, I do not see sense to continue our correspondence. I apologize, if I something have offended you. But at there is no time for games. I wait your answer! Anastasiya.
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Date: 2019-05-08 | Name: Truckerwidower | Email: hidden
I had an almost identical emails from my Anastaysia Vyacheslavovna. She was from Guryevsk, Siberia. Her email address is . Don't let her fool you. She never got anything out of me except some conversation.

Date: 2019-05-08 | Name: fiddlesticks | Email: hidden
hello glad to see your post, funny story, i was going through your experience with AKA Alena Faizullaeva, ya she is now at

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