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She appeared in our database from 2019-05-08 , financial damage US $ 120

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Ekaterina Alpatova
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Ekaterina Michailovna Alpatova, 07.17.1988. Kate (id=251608) Name: Kate Age: 30 Country: Ukraine City: Lutugino Height: 5'10" (178cm) Weight: 120 lbs (54kg) Eye color: brown/hazel Hair color: brown Marital status: never married Children: no Education: Bachelor degree Occupation: manicurist Languages: Russian .... don't know her Mothertongue :roll: Religion: Christian Heritage: White / Caucasian

How are you?? This time I will tell you more about my daily life and some personal information. My name is Ekaterina but Katya is shorter; Kate is English variant of my name. I'm a tall girl :)) 179 cm (5'10"). I hope it is ok for you, as for me, I have never had any complexes about my height. My weight is 56kg; And if you are interested, my measurements are 36B-25-36. I have brown eyes; The day of my birthday is 17th of July 1988; I live in a small village Lutugino. Now we are unrecognized Lugansk Public Republic. But in fact we are still part of Ukraine for all the world...I'm sure you have heard about the war which was here. But now it is an armistice and we are trying to continue our normal life. Please don't be afraid to visit me if you decide one day. It is not dangerous any more. But I want to worry you that you can come here through Russian border only. Because this way is safe unlike to go through the front line separating us from Ukraine. I also can leave my Republic any time I want to. But it is too early talking about it. I prefer to do step by step in relations. Because I don't want to be misunderstood. Do you like sport? I'm asking because I was going in for sport (volleyball) for many years. My profession is livestock processing engineer. I graduated from Lugansk's Agrarian University but I couldn't find a job by speciality here. So, I work as a Manicurist for a now. It is also interesting profession. I meet with a lot of different people, talk with them during the work and hearing a lot of funny stories from my clients all the time:)) I like to communicate with people. But I have only one close friend in my life. I think we can have a lot of acquaintances but close friend should be one or two. It is my opinion. What is your's? I want you to know that exchange letters is almost the only way to contact with you because I do not have possibility to buy a personal computer and also my English level is too low. But I'm trying to learn English by myself. Unfortunately it is not so easy as I thought before. Anyway if our relations will lead us to meet, I hope we will find a common language. As I think the love stronger than words! Do you agree with me? For a now I have to use the help of interpreter. Hope you do not mind ;) And of course I will be waiting for your soonest reply! I hope you will like my photos)) Please don't be shy to send me many of yours too!!!)))))) Oh! I have lost the sense of time. Excuse me but I have to go work right now. I just hope you will find time to write me a letter with some interesting details of your life)) Have a good day!

I will try to reply for all of your questions. Our company situated in Lutugino, Lugansk Public Republic. We are still unrecognized republic, so for all of the world we are still a part of Ukraine. We provide our prices in US Dollars for your convenience because we have a lot of circumstances here. Here is we don't use Grivnas value any more we use Russian Rubles all over our republic. Here still have a martial law and we have war actions on the boundary line with Ukraine. We have no Ukrainian banks working here any more, they stop their work here right after the war begun. We have only a local Republic's banks which don't work with foreign countries. They work with Russia only. They even don't work with Ukraine for your understanding. So, I can't give you a bank account because we haven't such a service any more here. Also we have not any money transfer services working here except of Russian one which provide money transfers between us and Russia (in Rubles value) only. So, the only one way to transfer the money for translation fees is to use the name of our financial manager who can receives your transfer in Russia and forward it to our company or to your lady directly(if you wish), receiving it through Russian western union or money gram. Our financial manager is not a resident of Russia so that's why she can't apply for a bank account in US Dollars in Russia (as we haven't Ukrainian banks here in our republic) for your convenience to send money via a bank transfer. If you want to help to Miss Katya with translation fees, you can do it through western union/moneygram sending money to the name of our manager to Russia. After she receives the transfer she will send it to our republic through the bank who works with us. After we receive it, your account will be reopened and you will be able to continue your correspondence with Miss Katya immediately. We are sending our information letters via katysichka828@gmail.com because our bureau created this e-mail for miss Katya and she let us to use this e-mail to send you our information. She knows about all actions related to this address, we informing her. In addition, we are monitoring this address in order to translate your letters as soon as they arrive. So, when your lady comes to our office she receives already translated version of your letter, this saves her time. Our service works in convenient way: the client receives your letter translated and printed. Miss Katya writes her reply on a piece of a paper in Russian. After being translated and typed we e-mail her reply to you. We scanning photos if Miss Katya wants to send them to you. Yes, there are for your eyes only. If the photos are in digital form, we do not charge for sending them. We will notify you if the letter is returned to us for any reason. Once your account is over we will send you a balance with detailed report of all expenses. If you pay for the month of unlimited correspondence you can write as much letters and send as much photos as you both want during 30 days. We have three interpreters here in our office. They are young but we all hope you are satisfied with the quality of our translations. I'm sure my personal life doesn't concern anyone. But for you I can make an exception, I'm married, I work here for three years and I like my job. And also I hope we will never discuss my personal life again. Please, understand we are not a marriage agency, we do our job and don't interfere in personal relationships between our customers. So, if you have any personal question to Miss Katya, please ask her directly and we will translate her reply right after the account will be refreshed.
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