Anzhela Shumilova from Serdobsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anzhela Shumilova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-05-08 , financial damage US $ 540

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Anzhela Shumilova
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Anzhela Aleksandrovna Shumilova, was born 07.17.1988 Post address: Russia 442893, Serdobsk, The Penza area, Makarov street, House 3, Apartment 17. She can to use are emails:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hello!!! It's again me, Anzhela!!! I was born in Russia, in Serdobsk, The Penza area. I have never been registered in social networks, because it is not interesting to me! My best friend advised me to use the services of a Dating Agency and we decided to visit this Agency!!An employee of the Agency showed me a few profiles and I decided to write to you. I don't know how or where they get their information! For me this is the first love experience on the Internet! I am very glad that now we can have a dialogue! I want to tell you right away what I'm looking for in a man. I look forward to your honesty and respect because I am looking for love and sincere relationship. For me it is important that the man was kind, attentive and responsive. I think you have these qualities! I want to tell you a little about myself. Now I live in Russia, in my hometown of Serdobsk. I want to inform you that I have never been married and had no children! I hope you understand me and my English well. I studied English from a very young age! If you do not understand me, you can use the services of an interpreter! My height is 171 cm, weight 55 kg. I have a good sense of humor. I think you can see it in the future. I was born July 17, 1988. I'm 30. My zodiac sign Cancer. What horoscope sign are you? I will be glad to answer your questions. I am very interested to know more about you, your life and the interests of the country in which you live. I will wait for your letter and I am interested to see your photo! With Respect, Anzhela! How are you? I hope you received my previous letter in which I indicated my age? I want to remind you that I am 30 years old !! Yesterday evening I wanted to write you a letter, but my nephew accidentally spilled juice on my laptop when he was watching a cartoon and now my laptop is not working! Now I can only write to you from work, I hope you understand me! I have never been registered on social networks and it will be difficult to do on my computer, because I have no access to these sites and I may have problems at work. I work as an insurance company. My responsibilities include accounting for income, expenses and salary payments. My position is an accountant! I work from 8:00 to 19:00. From monday to saturday. Sunday is my day off. I have a higher education, I graduated from the Faculty of Economics. The distance from my city Serdobsk to Moscow is 675 kilometers. For me it is important that the man was kind, decent and honest. Now I want to know a little about you. I am interested in your life. Please do not forget to answer my questions. What do you do in your free time? Do you like to cook the dish? Today I send you photos, and I will be glad to see your photos in the next letter. I have to keep working now. Hope you like our communication? I wish you good day! Anzhela! Hello my dear ******!!! I am writing to you from Moscow! I rented a room in the apartment. I will write you the address where I now live in Moscow: Russia, city: Moscow, street: Fruktovaya, house: 9a,apartment: 57,post code: 117556. ******, I have visited embassy and the airport. At the embassy, I filled out all the documents for visa registration. The embassy staff said that I need to buy 2 tickets in both directions, these are the rules for obtaining a visa and I must comply with them. The embassy must be sure of the exact dates of my departure and arrival back to Russia. I thought I could buy tickets online, but the embassy said that strict rules and tickets needed to be bought only in person at the airport! Today I personally visited the airport Sheremetyevo-2 airport and bought a ticket for the February 12th!!! I left my tickets and documents at the embassy. After that, the employee of the embassy said another condition that I must fulfill in order to get a visa! The citizen who arrives at USA must have 100 dollars a day, this is a financial guarantee. Unfortunately, I did not know and they told me at the embassy about this. 30 days is the minimum period. This is a condition of my visa. Therefore, I must abide by the rules and must have 3000 dollars to come to you. I have 2250 dollars, I need another 750 dollars! I did not know how to tell you this. But I must tell you that we will not lose this money. Money is needed to prove to the embassy that I am a financially stable citizen. When I come to you, I will return all the money back to you. Do you understand this? All the money will be on my debit card, which I received at the embassy, I can use this card only in USA. ******, I did not want to ask you for money, but I bought a laptop, and I also have a high cost of living in Moscow. I bought medical insurance when registering a visa. I bought plane tickets! I did not calculate the costs, and my expenses were higher than I expected. ******, can you help me confirm my financial guarantee? I spent a lot of money, but I do not regret it, I did it only to come to you, and now I need your help. My visa is in the process of registration and soon I can get a visa and come to you!!! I hope that very soon we will be together. I am very tired today in Moscow. This is a big city. Please do not leave me without your letters. I am alone in this city, and I need your support every day. I always think of you and wait for your letter as soon as possible! My dear, all my kisses are just for you!! I really hope for your support and dream of our meeting!!! I will use the Internet hostess of the room, so I can not always quickly answer you. Your Anzhela!
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