Mariya Shvetsova from Alexandrov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Mariya Shvetsova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-05-25 , financial damage US $ 5000

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Mariya Shvetsova
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Mariya Sergeevna Shvetsova. Pervomayskaya 50, ap 37. Alexandrov, Vladimirskaya Oblast, 601650 RUSSIA.
She is a typical scammer. It is a long story that actually started late the second half of 2018 and sometime in the beginning of april this year she cut me off from contacting her via G-mail.
I can??t get in contact with her on her mobile and she says that she can??t make international calls.....when she called me a few times it was from some Conference Center in Alexandrov.
In one of the last mails she sent, she said that she had saved information about my bank here in Sweden... I don??t know what to Believe?
She convinced me to send her 4500 euros (47,925.00 Swedish Crowns).

Hi my dear Bengt. Now I have a very strong desire to be with you !! Your voice is very sweet and soft! It is a pity that the connection was bad, and you barely heard me ... although I heard you perfectly ... on the phone, I asked what movie did you watch ?! What is it called? We will see it together ?! :) I really miss you Bengt! :* It is a pity that it is impossible to change the time of visiting a restaurant ... but in any case, I hope that you will have a great time with friends, and then you will meet with me. :) Regarding 700 euros, I guess I didn??t explain well to you ... this cost includes all travel expenses. In addition to the ticket, I also need documents (passport, tourist visa, insurance), round-trip air tickets, train tickets to Moscow, accommodation in a hostel in Moscow ... so this is the price!
This morning I received a call from a travel agency and asked to come back to them. I was told that they got a call from the visa application center. And they must discuss with me some questions concerning my journey to you.
And I just returned from a travel agency and immediately write you a letter.
My dear Bengt, a response from the visa center came to the travel agency. I was told that my visa was considered, but only partially approved !!! I need to go to Moscow for an interview. The agent said that during the interview I have to answer a lot of questions. I was told that I should calmly answer all questions, not worry. Since I get a tourist visa, during the interview I have to communicate the purpose of my trip to Sweden. What sights I know in Sweden. Do I know English, or other foreign languages, so that I can communicate during my stay in Sweden. Since I get a tourist visa, according to the documents I travel to Sweden as a tourist.
But my visa was only partially approved ... the fact is, we sent a certificate from work, work experience, profession, and salary statement, along with an application form for getting a visa. And today I received a reply from the visa center that my salary certificate could not confirm my solvency, since my income is too low. Therefore, now I need to provide additional proof, confirmation of my solvency during my trip.
I was told that I just need to show the availability of funds of the visa center commission. At first I didn??t understand what it was. But they explained everything to me in detail ... During the interview, as proof, I have to show an extract from my bank account with a minimum amount of 4500 euros.
I don??t have to spend this money or pay extra for the trip. Not! I just have to show my bank statement. That is, this is a common formality that I have money to stay in your country. Proof that I will not have problems during the trip. When I show my bank account statement at the visa application center, they will issue me a visa, since I have the rest of the documents and everything is in order.
My dear Bengt, I am very sorry that I gave you the sad news ... but I do not know what to do, because my flight is very soon. My departure is 9 March. All my documents are ready. I only need to get my visa ... I am very worried ... we have been walking so long and hard for our meeting. But I hope that we will succeed, and we will meet on 9 March at Arlanda Airport !!! I will be waiting for your answer!!!
Your Mariya
Hi my dear Bengt!!! I didn't get on the plane ... you probably already think about how we will meet at the airport. God knows how much I want to be with you now !!! I do not know how I can correctly explain to you what happened. I know you will be very upset when you read my letter. But I beg you, just do not scold me! I'm so very sick right now ...
I find it difficult to write to you about it ... unfortunately, I could not go through customs at the airport. Everything was in order with my travel documents. But the customs officer did not allow me to fly !!! The fact is that I have a mortgage on my apartment. But this is not a problem ... the whole problem is that I agreed with my bank to defer payment. As I now learned, it turns out they imposed a ban on my departure from the country ... although I did not know anything about it! I'm sorry ... because of me, we got into this situation! I am so ashamed and embarrassed in front of you ...
A woman employee approached me and escorted me to the office. She gave me water to calm me down. She explained why I cannot leave the country at the moment. So they are fighting with malicious defaulters. Therefore, these people can not leave the country. They even called me a law, "On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation." And now, in order for me to leave Russia, I need to pay my mortgage. Some kind of nonsense !!! I am now very upset because of all this !!!
My mortgage debt is 984100 rubles, which is about 13200 euros !!! Quite a large amount to pay! And I can not find this money. I can not believe that this is happening to us ...
I'll be back at the hostel, so don't worry about me. Now there are so many thoughts in my head ... Just remember how we dreamed about our future ??? We made plans, dreamed ... about us, about our future! I do not want us to miss our future. After all, we have been striving for this for so long ... To be honest, I am very confused now, my hands are even shaking ...
At the moment I feel bad, I have a headache. I think I need to try to calm down. Tomorrow I will try to figure it out. I understand that you are upset now, but you need a little patience. I hope you're still looking forward to me. Your support is so important to me now ...
Ok, I'll finish this sad letter. I am very sorry that I did not get on that plane ... I will write to you tomorrow, as soon as I learn everything in more detail.
With much love, your Mariya
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