Maria Gubich from Minsk a russian scammer? Scam check dating scammer.

Is Maria Gubich the russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-07-02 , financial damage US $ 1700

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Maria Gubich
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[email protected]
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Maria (Masha) Gubich was born at october 11 and lived in Minsk. Now for sale in Prague.
This pro dater is appearing as architecture student from Belarus studying in Prague who also makes pols in her instagram what they think she does for living(!) Obviously rotates 3 hour dates with victims till morning in prague. I was supposedly “with” her the months may-june 2019. Recently I acquired recording full confession were she admits "people in personal relations well lie" (of course for personnal financial gain is called fraud) and that "i cannot prove i paid for all the things" and i did it "voluntarily". Well, the law protects the weak and the systematic lying for gain is called fraud with intent. Of course fortunately I have this time address and will provide it to the police. Also I have analytical expenses of the shopping i personally paid from my credit card in her possession, the jewelry I gave in good faith and the messages that prove the fraudulent promises of hers to come to my country. When i asked for the jewelry and unique souvenirs brought from asia i gave her she said i cannot do anything to her. The exploitation method of operation is multiple dating asking to everyone cash money (to be pretty for him) and shopping without stop. About 3 hours every day the dates including transportation time. Hesitation to shopping and not buying a bag means more likes to other men and followings on Instagram to join the pay roll as a proper pro dater also means the date ends... Apart from dating expenses to the best available restaurants the total damage for the non existing relationship reached the 1,500 euros with all the receipts kept. She prefers to be characterized dishonest from a victim than return the goods for the one week “theatre” I was in prague. No honor or pride for these ex soviet pro daters disappearing always profiting the right time.. During the days with her she was always online to all applications(whats up, telegram, Instagram) in two phones she carried all the time raining hearts and fires in the messages for her photos.. She s lying all the time and anyone can tell. I was traumatized from previous similar and did not want to sound paranoid at the time because of the last pro dater. But soon the masks fell and all revealed. Second Instagram account (she first said is old, then is private), men commenting as daters of her in photos, her super obvious lies all the time and of course her recorded confession etc and my ignorance and block at my polite refusal to buy more things (after spending one thousand in the mall) from away and also without having any relationship apart from 95% of the time when I was there in prague to ask money or similar or to arrange shopping I had to refuse all the time … the rest was lies and texting all the time. She s easy to detect she doesn’t remember her lies.
Other names Maria Hubich (has a student id with it )
Date of birth 11/10 in Prague she became from 21 to 18
Address: Luzicka 30 1699/36 flat 1-Prague 2
Instagram accounts offlegs, offlegs2
Dates from tinder or Instagram and networked with escorts.
Asks money in every date for nails ("manicure and pedicure to be pretty for you").
That s a part analysis of my credit card in a two hour date with destination the mall.

8/6/201910/6/201927473747 BRUXX PRAHA 280,84 €
9/6/201910/6/201927473472 ZARA OC CHODOV PRAHA 99,45 €
9/6/201910/6/201927473471 BERSHKA OC CHODOV PRAHA 479,85 €
9/6/201910/6/201927473472 ZARA OC CHODOV PRAHA 99,45 €
9/6/201910/6/20192747375 PIETRO FILIPI SRO PRAHA-4 103,66 €
9/6/201910/6/201927473819 H & M CZ0050 PRAHA-4 19,84 €
9/6/201910/6/201927472188 74310 Michael Kors Prague-4 268,86 €
9/6/201910/6/201927473475 SBX OC 2,75 €
9/6/20191 SBX OC 18,13 €
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