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Natalya Natashecka
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Everything as usual. Love you, I so love you, but now, I need some money.

1st email
Hey ****!
I'm glad to receive your reply! I am Natalya and I'm trying to find a soul mate on the Internet. Can not say that this is my first experience of communication through the Internet. I'm looking for not just a friend, but a partner for serious relationships.
I'm 29 years old, but I'm still alone woman, never married. Probably you will be surprised, right now I'm in Russia, and my profile on the your country. By character, I am kind, sympathetic girl :) I live in the city of Izhevsk. But nevertheless I am thinking about creating family.
So **** I am asking you very seriously, if this is not what you need, if you are reading this letter just to kill time or have fun - this is ok, this is absolutely up to you, but please just let me know it. Recently, I learned - there are lots of people who needs friendship or simple company for chatting and for sure you will find some good mates for you.
But (I hope so much) if you too tired of being alone as I do and you have serious intentions I would be so glad to start our communication.

2nd email
A few months ago I had promotion at work. I received many congratulations. But still non of my friends could come to visit me. They already have kids and families. Yes in Russia when you are 29 you already suppose to have family. So I stayed all alone. My mother lives in the village. She invited me to join her there. But I had to work next day so had to stay home. At that moment, I realized that I did not want to be lonely anymore. No more lonely evenings or Valentines Days by myself. So here I am writing to you.
You know **** letters have a wonderful thing you can write all your thoughts. If I'd met you somewhere on the street I would barely tell you all this =)
I was glad to start our story if you are serious?
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

3rd email
Hey ****!
First of all let me thank you for writing back to me. I think this is very romantic to start relations by email letters. For fun, I like active sports, such as beach volleyball, biathlon, ice skating, and snowboarding. I not only look, but I also try to play sports myself depending on the time of year.
I deleted the profile on Zoosk, because this is not my profile. I wanted to meet a man from America, and I decided to go to the women's forum where I met one girl. I told her that I want to find a man from America and I do not know how to do it. She said that she has a profile that she hasn??t used for a long time and that she can give her profile on After when I met you, I started to write other men and ask for my naked photos and so I decided to remove it.
May I ask you to send me some of your photos? I will be very glad to see you. Promise to send you some photos of me as well.
Please write me more about yourself. Where do you work and what do you do for having rest? Do you have any hobby? As for me I am working in Mobile Telesystems (MTS) May be you have heard about this mobile operator. It is very big Company. It serves millions of people. Our company has it??s office in every city of our country. You know **** we are passing through very difficult time in the history of Russia. The prices in supermarkets grow up day by day. So I am glad to work in such stable and strong Company. Oh I did not tell you about my position. Don??t know how to say in correctly in English ?? we are like support team, we assist clients with different questions. For ex: if someone has lost his phone and needs to block the sim card or they need to switch on some new services. I am working here during 6 years already. Is it a work of my dream? No, I don??t think so. I was dreaming to be a stewardess, to fly in different countries, to see all around the world. But still I like my job, like to communicate with people, I feel myself useful. What about you? Do you like your job?
Usually I finish at 7 pm. Ok officially my working day finishes at 6 pm but we have so many applications every day and you need to make sure that all of them are sorted out and registered.
So after 7 pm is my free time. More often I just go home as I am too tired to visit friends or go somewhere else. At home I am cooking dinner and going to read. I love reading books. Really, I read a lot, but mostly simple romances. My brains ger tired of hard thinking at work so I just need something very easy to read. Something like romances of Nicolas Sparks. Have you heard about this author? There are several movies based on his books: A walk to remember, The Notebook, Dear John, Safe Haven, The Lucky one??the list is very long.
May be you think my life is boring. But I am pretty happy with what I have. Waiting for your reply.
Your Natalya.

Email asking for money
Hello my dear ****! I was very happy to hear your sweet voice on the phone! It gives me a lot of positive emotions! When we were talking on the phone, my voice was shaking, and I was very worried, but after a while my fear disappeared! I was very happy to talk to you on the phone and I hope that very soon I will be able to talk not only with you on the phone, but also in real life! I am crazy about our conversation on the phone and I am very pleased!
In fact, yesterday was a wonderful evening in the museum. Many stories and artifacts from the past help to forget about everyday life for a while and dive into the Middle Ages for a while. I always liked the history =)
I'm glad you like me excited about our upcoming meetings! I am overwhelmed with a storm of emotions from the thought that I shall soon see you! Fine, so add up the circumstances that we both want to meet right now! I can not believe it's happening to me really! It's like a dream, and I do not want to wake up that it is a great time ended... You give me an ocean of emotions every day and I was drawn like a magnet to you :)
Thank you for giving me motivation, for me, I am ready to act immediately! Tomorrow I plan to go to a travel agency and find out the details of a visit to USA. I need to consult a specialist. It is necessary to get a visa and collect information from work from other places, as well as learn about flights. What is the name of your nearest airport? I am sure that this trip will not be cheap, over the past two years, the dollar has more than doubled! I think I will need your financial support. Of course, I'll try to find much cheaper. Could you give me possible help on the cost, if it is necessary?
My dear, I just can not believe that very soon we will be together. My dear, now I have stress, and I need to calm down. My dear, I understand that we love each other, and I trust you. But I need to know you really want to meet? And your intentions are serious? I repeat and say that I need only serious relationship. Please reassure me and write to me that you are absolutely serious about our relationship, my dear, you can meet me at the airport?
Well, I'll wait for your answer. Madly I want to fall into your arms, stroking your hair and the smell of your skin! Let me know your thoughts as soon as possible, ****! Do not forget to send me the name of your nearest airport =)
Million kisses from your girl Natalya.
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