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She appeared in our database from 2019-08-13 , financial damage US $ 4900

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Elena Kiseleva
Khramtseva Mariya Mikhailovna
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I live in South Korea. I'm a single man in my 40s.
She and I met on the dating app "MEEFF." She called herself in app is "Helena". We had our first conversation on May 18, and have exchanged more than 120 e-mails.
Talking about each other's daily lives, we became fond of each other, and we actually promised to meet.
She lives in Kamisin, Volgograd, Russia. She said she was a police officer :) and sent me several pictures of her in police uniform.
Recently I found a profile in the VK, where the fraudster stole a photos from.
She said she would come to Korea to meet me. I offered to buy her a plane ticket for her, and I remitted $1,900 to her. She then asked me for $3,000 to use as a deposit, saying she had received an official notice from the Russian customs office that she could not travel abroad because of her low salary. I didn't doubt her at all. She showed me her police identification card and newly issued passport. I had built trust in her in the mail I had exchanged with her for months, and that trust made me believe her completely. She came to Korea and offered to give me $3,000 back, and I totally trusted her. However, after I sent the money, an email came to her mother.
She told me not to wait for her daughter because she was admitted to the hospital in an accident and couldn't go to Korea. I know I did something stupid. I hope there are no more victims like me.

Hello my dear and beloved man David!
I am very glad to see your letter today. In fact, I am always very glad to see your letters. When I read lines from you I have a feeling that we are now together, that you are sitting next to me and we are talking with you.
But now I want to talk about the most important issue. As I promised you, I went to the bank to find out about the possibility of receiving money from another country. I went to a very big bank in my city. I explained the whole situation to them. I was told that there is nothing difficult in this, I can get a translation in a few days. Therefore, I opened a bank account. I was told that for the transfer you will need the data of my account. I will write them below now:
My name: Kiseleva Elena Vadimovna
Account number: 40817840211504004743
Name of bank: PJSC VTB BANK, Moscow, Russia
Branch: VTB 24
Swift-code: VTBRRUMM
My address: Str. Mira 5/22, Kamyshin, Volgogradskaya oblast', 403874
Bank address: Str. Proletarskaya 18??, Kamyshin, Volgogradskaya oblast', 403882
BIC code: 044525411
My dear David, I hope you try to send money in the near future and everything will be fine. In fact, I am also very worried about this translation. I want him to go well and quickly, so that I can process all documents and fly to you before August 15, before your mom's birthday. But I have a feeling that everything will be fine. I'm sure about it. You know, they say that there is a female intuition. Therefore, it seems to me that she is not deceiving me, everything will be fine.
David you talked about the loan. I also thought about it. But unfortunately at the moment I can not get a loan in Russia. Because I already have one, I have not paid the mortgage for my apartment yet. This means that I have a bad credit history and I cannot take loans at this time.
My dear David, of course, after we spend 60 days with you, it will be very hard for us to part. I think and hope that in our relationship everything will be fine. I want it so much!
But let's not guess. Maybe in two months we will decide that we need to live together and always be together. We will be thinking about something else. How best to do everything.
I think that now it is better to have thoughts about how we will spend time from August 15th together. I think that during these two months we must do everything to strengthen and develop our feelings.
My favorite David, I am very glad that you liked the pictures of my family. I am very happy about it!
Thank you for your kind words about my family. I know and believe that one day you will meet them and I will introduce you as my husband! It will be a wonderful meeting in Russia.
Dear David, I do not doubt you at all. I don't think you're a criminal or a rapist. I just can't even believe it. You are a wonderful and unique person. You are kind and you have an open heart. A person with such a heart cannot think about bad things.
You can not worry about it, I did not even think that you can deceive me. Perhaps this is a bit frivolous, but I know for sure that my inner feeling does not deceive me!
My dear David, I looked at the bedding site that you ordered for the two of us. It is very beautiful. It seems to me so soft and cozy. And the color is very beautiful, you have good taste. If I chose myself, I would take something like that.
Of course, I also dream about the days when you and I will be together. I am really looking forward to this day. Because it seems to me that from this day we will begin a new stage in our life. And for me, and for you!
I talked to my mother about our relationship. She is very happy for us and she thanks God that I was able to find happiness in life. Because for my mom now the most important thing is my destiny and my future. She is glad that I now have you. We love each other. Mom is happy for both of us. She is happy for our relationship with you. Her advice is that it is worth fighting for relationships, for feeling and for your happiness, and that no distance is an obstacle to true and crystal clear love.
Before bedtime I often wonder that we can create a strong family. I wish to share with you happiness.
I want to know if I can make you happy in life?
I hope that this is a wonderful gift of fate, so that we can develop our love. I will do everything that you were very happy with me. My love, I think of you every day, every hour, every minute.
Forever your sweetheart Elena

?¤‘??”?©”?????? ?‘??‹????, ?¤‘??”?©”??? ?•?? ???????°
Hi my love David! I am very worried!
??€ ?°??????? ?©”??? ?????°
Good evening my dear David!
I am very glad to write you a letter today. After all, I miss you so much! Today I have been thinking about you all morning and day. I so badly want to smell your body, the warmth of your lips, I want your hands to caress my body. I want to see you so much! I miss you very much and there is very little left! Very soon we will be with you!
My dear David, I have two news for you today. One is good, and the second is not very.
I'll start with a good one I had a lunch break at work. I went to a cosmetics store nearby. I bought a present for your mom, as I promised. These are cosmetics from the Black Pearl company. As you said. I bought a day face cream, a night face cream and a body scrub. Will that be enough or should I buy something else? It??™s not hard for me at all and I want to give your mother a good present.
Only it will be necessary to pack it in a beautiful package. What do you think is better to do in Russia or in Korea? Because I worry that when I go through customs and will look at my things, they may ask me to show what is in my box. And the packaging will be broken. Do you understand?
This morning I talked with my mother, we both thought up what kind of gift I would give you when I arrived. It will be a very valuable and important gift, I think you will like it And of course I??™ll buy a doll for Jung Min when I??™m in Moscow.
The second news is now bad. I will tell you what happened. After the store, I went to a travel agency because they called me and asked me to come. Now I will tell you what the problem is.
As you know, a visa is not required for my trip to you in Korea. I can be free in your country for up to 60 days. But according to the laws of the Russian Federation, every resident who leaves the country must submit a request to the Federal Migration Service (Customs). So that they check his story that he is not involved in crimes, does not commit large financial frauds, or that he has no debts to the state. This is a standard procedure. Today also came the answer to my request. My dear David, I will send you his picture.
The following was written in it.
"Your appeal regarding a trip to the Republic of Korea as a tourist has been considered.
The basis for the notice was the decision on your request to travel outside the Russian Federation.
We reviewed the documents for the request, and came to the conclusion that your salary will not allow you to secure your residence for the duration of your stay in the Republic of Korea.
For admission to the plane and permission to travel to the Republic of Korea, you need to have $ 3,000 with you. This money is necessary to prove your safety for living in the Republic of Korea.
You need to present this money in cash, or by balance in your bank account before leaving at customs control. In the absence of funds, you will be denied exit. "
This is the text from a document that came to me today from the Federal Migration Service (customs). The manager of the travel agency explained the essence of the problem to me in detail. I am flying to you in Korea without a work visa, I am a tourist who flies to another country for 60 days. And I need to follow some standards and rules. Almost all the conditions are met. But there is one problem.
The customs officials said that my salary is too low. Therefore, they will not let me out of the country. This is the official domestic law of the Russian Federation, in any case, I must comply with this law. If I do not comply with this law, no one will let me out of Russia. This must be done to confirm the safety of my personality. Do you understand? This is necessary to confirm my safety for the period of my visit to Korea.
Maybe you know, but many people from Russia go as tourists to Korea, and then do dirty things in a foreign country. They work in poor jobs, do not pay taxes. Therefore, the Russian Customs Service makes such decisions.
The essence of the problem is this. Customs requires a tourist to confirm financial wealth.
Simply put, I have to prove that I can afford to live in Korea for 60 days. I have to do this because I have a small salary. If I had a big salary, there wouldn??™t be such a problem. A travel agency manager said a day of living in Korea costs $ 50 a day. And since the maximum period of my stay is 60 days (they always take the maximum period of stay) I must have 3000 USD with me.
This is necessary so that I can guarantee that I can live in Korea for 60 days. But the manager told me that this money does not need to be spent. I need this money only for proof. I just have to show the customs that I have $ 3,000 to my bank account or in cash. I have to show the customs service that there is this money either in cash in my bank account. It is necessary to prove to the customs service that I can provide for myself in your country. I have to convince the customs that I have 50 USD for each day of the 60 days of my stay.
But what do we do now? I dont know!
David, I do not have that kind of money. I understand that you do not need to spend this money. But I just don??™t have that amount. But Russia has such a low standard of living. It's hard for me to find that kind of money. Even with the fact that I will return it back soon. My dear David, I would like to ask you to borrow this money until August 14th.
When I arrive, in Korea I will immediately return this money to you. Because this money is not necessary. This money will simply be in my bank account or in cash.
My dear David, I have $ 500 left from the money you sent me. I need to find somewhere else $ 2500.
What do you think about it? Can you give me this amount? I understand how much this is, but as soon as I arrive in Korea, I will immediately give it to you. I will not spend this money.
We can say that I ask you for a loan for several days. So I can go through financial verification. And when I come to you, I will give you everything back. What do you think?
But there is one more problem. I blocked my bank account because I thought that in a week I would be with you and did not plan to use it. In order not to pay money for using the account.
If I need to go to the bank to open this account, then it will take time. What if I don??™t have time to do this and fly to you? Suddenly I have to cancel tickets and I can??™t get to your mom??™s birthday? These are terrible thoughts and I do not want to think about it! My dear David, I do not know what to do and what to do.
I will finish the letter on this for today.
I am very worried about this. I do not know what to do, and what is the best way to act. Now I think a lot about what will happen if I can??™t fly to you on August 14? But what if we don??™t see each other as planned? What if I can't spend your mom??™s birthday? It will be very hard for me ... I want to say that I love you more than anything, my dear David. I really wanna be with you. And we can really succeed if we satisfy this formality.
I don??™t know how to spend the rest of this day. Everything literally falls out of my hands ... I can??™t work normally ... My heart pounds because my happiness is so close. Soon I will be with you, soon I will be able to kiss you and be with you every day. I would give everything now to wake up with you in the morning. I would like to wake you with my kiss, I would like to kiss your body.
Every day, I want to be with you.
My dear David, sorry this letter came out so big. I am very worried, I do not know what to do. I so want to be with you now, so that all problems are left behind, you hugged me and sheltered me from all problems.
I am really looking forward to your letter! I am worrying a lot. I love you David!

?¤‘??”?©”?????? ?‘??‹????, ?¤‘??”?©”??? ?•?? ???????°
Good night, my sweet love David!
??€ ?°??????? ?©”??? ?????°
Hi my dear beloved man David!
I am very glad that you wrote me a letter! My love, I love you very much. Every day I think about you, every day I dream about how you and I will live together. I really need you, I have never met such a beautiful person like you.
Every day before bed, I think of you. I imagine how I hug, and you hold me to you. I smell yours and slowly sink into sleep. I feel your protection, because you are my man David! I don??™t need anything else! Only you!
My dear David, as I told you, I went to a travel agency and paid for everything. Everything went well, which means that I will fly to you as we planned. Today I went to the agency again and got my passport. We booked tickets, everything is fine! I am so glad about that!
I will send you a copy of my passport if you need it for registration of mobile communication for me. Tomorrow there should still be an answer to my request to the customs service. We also sent. This is a necessity in Russia.
But I think that everything will be fine, I will have to freely cross the border and there should not be any problems with this.
My dear David, of course I am very glad that you will not go to work on August 14 to meet me at the airport that day! When I think about this wonderful morning, when we first meet, everything inside me turns upside down. It will be the most wonderful day of my life! And I am so grateful to you that you are in my life!
I love you my dear man David!
My beloved, my mother sends you a huge hello.
You know, yesterday we talked on the phone with my mother about you and me. I told her how I met you. That we communicate a lot and spend time together! I admitted that I finally met a man whom I fell in love with. She is very happy for me! She tells me that you are a wonderful person, you are a real man, that you love me very much. I told her that I know that you love me.
And you and I have mutual love. I love you very much, and I want to be with you, and only with you.
My love David, I want to be with you as soon as possible.
I love you very much, I can??™t live without you. I really miss you.
Before I go to bed, I think about you, when I go to the bath I think about you, when I get up early in the morning I think about you. My most cherished dream is to see you soon. It??™s a pity that now I??™m not near you.
I want so much to be with you that all my feelings cannot be written, not expressed in a letter. You will see everything yourself when we meet. I very love you.
That concludes my letter. Write to me, I will look forward to hearing from you. I love, miss, gently and passionately kiss you, my David.
Forever yours Elena

?¤‘??”?©”?????? ?‘??‹????, ?¤‘??”?©”??? ?•?? ???????°
My darling man David!
??€ ?°??????? ?©”??? ?????°
My dear man David, hello again.
I'm still at work, I was waiting for you to answer me, in order to know what to do next. And I'm sorry that I'm writing you this now, because if I have 19:00, then it means you have already midnight. I disturb you at night, although you need to rest. Sorry about that.
Unfortunately, I don??™t have time to go to the bank today to restore my account. And I am very worried about the trip, I don??™t know how I will fall asleep tonight. So I came up with the following. I took my best friend Masha (I told you about her) the details of her bank account. I will send them to you in this letter. I think that if you can now send the money, then I can receive it on Monday after the weekend.
I go to my bank with my girlfriend and get them. And after that I will leave for Moscow as we planned.
My dear David, of course I understand that you can cancel tickets, change dates, reschedule our meeting.
But I want you to understand me. I am very determined to meet with you on August 14th. I really want to get to your mother??™s birthday, I want to meet your family on August 15th. And after all, you will still have a weekend one, and then to you to work. And my vacation starts on Monday. I do not want to sit at home and do nothing at this time. I will miss you very much, I will constantly think. Now at least the work distracts me, and when I am alone at home it will be terrible.
My dear David, so I think that if you send me the money, then this will be the best solution to this problem. I will calmly finish my work tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, then I will go to my parents to say goodbye. I will not have to once again have problems and obstacles.
Of course, I understand that this is a very large amount of money. This is my salary for the whole year! But you don??™t have to spend it, I will bring you this money to Korea and will transfer it to you during our meeting at Incheon Airport
I will write below the bank details of my friend Masha:
Name: Mariya Khramtseva
Account Number: 40817840623494005924
Name of bank: VTB 24 (PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Swift-code: VTBRRUMM
BIC: 046577501
Love David, please, if you have the opportunity, then send the money as soon as possible. So I definitely got them before Monday night. I hope everything will be OK After all, I will be very worried if my trip to August 14 is postponed
My dear David, I will finish my letter for you today. I'm really very worried and don't know how I will spend this evening. A lot of thoughts will be in my head, I do not know what to do But I believe and trust you, you are a real man who can solve all problems.
How I would like to be next to you, in your strong arms. Just hug you and not think about anything I just want to enjoy the time with you
See you tomorrow, my dear man David, my future husband
I love you, hug and kiss!
P.S .: I meant that there is nothing wrong with cosmetics. It's clear
I wanted to say if I wrap cosmetics in a beautiful gift box, through which it is not visible what things I pass through customs. Can a customs officer have questions in the box? Can he make me open the box and show what I'm taking?
I'm worried about it
Although, with the main problems, these are trifles. I decided that I??™ll just bring your mom??™s gifts. And already in Korea, on August 14, the two of us will make a beautiful gift wrap, okay?
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