Yuliya Chepkasova from Kamyshin a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Yuliya Chepkasova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-08-21 , financial damage US $ 1995

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Yuliya Chepkasova
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Reunion of hearts
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I am Hudson Mumbole a man aged 30 years old studying masters degree in United Kingdom but I am originally from Zambia, Africa.
One morning I just received an email from a lady named Yuliya Sergeevna Chepkasova, she indicated in the email that she got my details from a "Reunion of hearts" dating site. I am single by the way, so after that I thought she is a genuine person that is how we started communicating.
Then one day she decided that we meet of which I was not in support but she assured be that she will incur all the travelling costs. To my surprise she just changed and started demanding money from me for her journey. Because of the frequent communication I built that trust and started believing in her and first she told me she has a shortage on the air ticket, so I bought an airticket and later started demanding 2100 pounds for the visa support as she told the customs could not allow her to come to England without enough money in her bank account.
I fell prey into her deception and sent her 1800 pounds and from there she changed the story.

Details of her bank account:
Date of Birth: 06/08/1989
Beneficiary's bank: VTB 24 (PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Address of the bank: Moscow, Myasnitskaya street, house 35. A phone number +74957772424
Beneficiary's Acc No.: 40817840814094003486

Please help me expose this lady and if probable help me to recover my money.

I have already sent you the letter with the story about me. But I have not received your answer. I think that my letter has not gone to you. I now once again will send my letter. If you search for relations that write me the letter about you. But if you have not answered me because do not wish to communicate with me that inform me on it at once. I hope to receive your answer as soon as possible!
Today I will tell about me more. I hope that is pleasant to read you my letter and to see as I look.
I write to you from my personal e-mail. I would want that you sent me letters only on this address.
Earlier I never got acquainted on the Internet. But now I search for serious relations. For this purpose what to receive the address of your e-mail I has addressed in agency of acquaintances. The agency is called "Reunion of hearts". Probably agencies of acquaintances from the different countries communicate and on it to me have written the address of your e-mail. I have received the address of your e-mail but I did not see your photos and I do not know where do you live. Tell to me about you and send me your photos.
My full name Yuliya.
I was born and I live in Russia.
I have no children. I never was married.
I have brown eyes.
My growth of 162 centimetres, weight of 47 kgs.
Now I'm 29 years old. I was born on August, 6th, 1989.
My sign on Zodiac - Leo.
My hobby, is fitness and cooking.
I Hope you correctly understand me and my English language. I learn English from an early age. But I do not know till now English language completely. It is required to me of more practice and dialogue in English.
I wish to tell, that I search in the man. I hope for your decency and honesty because I search for love and serious relations. I very much am afraid of a deceit!
For me it is important, that the person would be kind, attentive and sympathetic.
I hope that you will like our acquaintance. Please write me the big letter and tell to me about you.
I will wait your answer.
Hello Hudson!
How are you? I am good!
I wish to write you some letters in day but from for problems with the laptop I cannot do it. I hope to buy a new laptop soon and then we will communicate with you as it is possible is more often! Earlier I had good phone Samsung. But when I went for work in the bus it have stolen. To me it was very insulting! I even addressed in police but it could not find.
Hudson, you have a phone number with which it is possible to make international calls? I have a mobile phone which to me have given out on work. But I cannot install on it any programs because it not the smart phone. To me would give out it for this purpose that I could call for performance of my work.
On my phone it is forbidden to call and receive calls from other countries. But I all the same will try to write you the number. My phone number +7(903)47913420.
If you tell to me a phone number, I will call to you from public phone in the future. When I will plan to call you, I will inform you.
It is a pity, that between us the big distance. If you not against, I continue to tell about the life and to ask about your life.
I wish to tell about my family. I have mother and sister.
To my mother of 65 years! My mother already on pension.
I have sister who is older me for 6 years! At my sister the family, the husband and the charming daughter.
My father has died 7 years ago. He has died of heart attack!
It was a hard time for our family. We took hard this time! I love the family.
I try to help my mother as she lives one. We often meet all family behind one table.
You are pleasant like cinema? What films like you? I cannot forget remarkable films P.S. I love you, Vanilla sky, Gone with the Wind!
I like different genres, but most of all I prefer romantic films about love, with good end of a film.
I like to cook food. What most popular dish in your country?
Russia the huge country, with various kitchen.
I think, that national dishes in Russia, these are cutlets, pelmeni, borsh, olivie! In Russia soups are very popular. I am assured, that you will like dishes from a Russian cuisine.
As to my preferences in food. I like different food and I often prepare different dishes. The main thing that the food has been prepared from natural products. I like salads from vegetables and fruit. We speak in different languages in a daily life.
Our countries have different mentality. You agree with me?
Please, tell to me, it is as much as possible about your life. Your life is very interesting to me. All of us people and I will understand you, but we with you belong to different cultures. Some things, I probably do not know.
I will be very glad to hear it from you.
Your letters help me to present your world better. I wish to know about your culture and a life more! I will wait for your letter! I try to check email every day.
Sometimes because of work I do not have time to check up email, I hope you understand me. I will always answer your letters. Now I should return to work.
Hudson, How are you? I hope you're okay!
I am on work now. At me good mood! I hope you enjoy reading my letters?
Thanks, that you find time for me and can write to me. It is very important for me.
I often think about our meeting! I think, that our meeting will be unforgettable! My eyes shine with happiness, I can not put into words what I feel right now! I wish to be to you face to face that you could see shine of my eyes and hear palpation of my heart! As any woman, I want attention, caress and passion. Last night, I had a dream. in my dream we were together. my dream was so real, and when I woke up this morning, I thought you were next to me! All our dreams will come true, when we will be together. Now I know, when there will be my holiday. Today the chief has told to me, that my holiday will begin in some days. I think, that next week I will be on a vacation. This news has very much pleased me. My director allowed me to take 45 days of vacation. I reported that I was going to another country and she wished me a good rest. You are glad to learn about it? Before the start of my vacation, I will receive a salary and I can buy a new laptop. I will need a laptop so that I can write you letters at any time. I really want to communicate with you as often as possible! I must be well prepared to go on such a long journey. I have never been to your country and for me it is very exciting. What clothes I should take with myself? I should take warm clothes? I need to know answers to my questions. Hudson, I hope that you will be glad that soon we can be together. I want to see in your eyes a lot of joy! I??m sure that when we meet our relationship will be even stronger! Please, promise to me, that you will care of me, I have trusted in you. I put all my heart and soul into our relationship! The nearest international airport to be in the city of Moscow. It is airport Sheremetevo or Domodedovo. Tell to me, please, what international airport is closest to your house? In what airport I should buy tickets? I never was in your country. If I arrive to you, you will meet me? I do not know anybody, except you in your country. I ask you that you have met me at the airport. Hudson, I will be glad to spend time with you. Time which we will spend with you together, will help us to learn each other better. I will do the utmost, that we have met you in the shortest terms. I will make all independently, as I the adult and responsible girl. I want, that you wrote to me every day! Your support is very necessary to me! Within the next few days I plan to learn that I should make for my trip to you. I promise, that I will inform you on my news. My mother is worried about the fact that I'm going all alone to an unfamiliar city. Please write me your full residential address. I will tell my mother your address so that she would not be afraid. I hope that you understand me and do not take offense because of these words. Now i send you one million air kisses!!! I am confident, they is reached you!!! Always yours, Yuliya!
Hi Hudson!!!
I have news about travel! I found the information that is needed to travel to your country. The Embassy is not in my city. Embassy in Moscow. I have international passport but I cannot receive the visa in my city. I should issue the visa for this purpose what to travel to your country. The employee of travel agency has told to me, that I should issue the statement in online and send in embassy. Further I should register in interview in embassy and after I should go to Moscow to begin visa registration. Hudson, I hope, that you like thought on ours with you to a meeting. In tour agency to me have told, what not everyone can receive the permission to travel to your country. I have told, that I will travel for the purpose of tourism. Together with the employee of travel agency we have decided, that the best type of the visa to me will be, the visa "Tourist". And under this visa I can arrive without problems to your country. With visa "Tourist" I can free move on territory of your country. I am going to spend in your country of 30 days, what you think of it?, I think, that this time to us will be enough that we could learn each other better. You agree with me? The employee of travel agency has told to me, that time of registration of the visa makes approximately 10 days, from the moment of giving the statement on visa registration. At this time it is better to me to live in Moscow because at any time I can be invited in embassy. I already took the list of documents which I will need to give in embassy in Moscow. I cannot believe, that shortly we will be with you together. We can refuse with you letters and infinitely speak, looking each other in eyes. Hudson as the employee of travel agency has told to me, that the invitation letter from you when I will hand in the statement in embassy probably is required. You can send me the invitation if me it to be necessary? I will necessarily write to you if your invitation is required to me. Now I will call in embassy to learn all more particularly. I should learn about cost of official registration of papers. I as should register in reception in embassy. I hope, that the information which I have transferred you now, have very much pleased you. I am assured, that nothing will prevent us to meet you. You agree with me? Today I have made for you beautiful photos and I hope that they will like you. I do not do such photos every day and it is a shame to me a little. I send you an air kiss! I will finish the letter and I will wait for your answer. Kisses for you!!! Yours, Yuliya
Hudson my love!!!
I understand that you would want that I have arrived to you for 7 days. But I miss on you. 7 days are not enough for me. I wish to see you more. I understand that you will go to school but I will wait for you. At last I can answer your letter! Today I have a lot of work!
Hudson, I constantly think of you! I with the big interest expect our meeting! I am happy, because the destiny has given us chance to be together! Our meeting will give the chance to us to get acquainted better with each other! Our meeting is a turning point in my life! Today I have important news to you.
Please, be attentive.
I have found the necessary information for visa reception, I know in what direction to me to move further! Now I know all information which is necessary for travel to you. First of all, to me have told, that I should visit personally embassy in Moscow to begin process of official registration of papers! I have told, that it not a problem and I can arrive to Moscow! to obtain a visa, I had to visit the embassy in person and go through an interview!! I need to wait for approval from the visa officer. I have collected a necessary package of documents: the inquiry on the marital status, the inquiry from work, the declaration on payment of all taxes, and also the passport, photos and many other things! Today I will try to receive all documents. Hudson, to me have told, that the invitation will be unessential to me. If there will be a necessity for the invitation, I will tell to you about it. I have reserved a room in Moscow! I have made the medical insurance! I know cost of air ticket! I think, that I can allow myself it!
Our meeting will happen very soon, if we both want it! Between us there are sincere relations and I am assured, that our feelings will grow. I know, that ours with you feelings are mutual. Our meeting will be unforgettable and romantic! I feel pleasure, I am sincerely happy my world have changed, when I have met you! From my life the feeling of loneliness was gone! I am happy to know that in our world there is a man who understands me. Between us there is an invisible attraction! We have been created for each other! I never felt anything similar! I smile, when I think of you! Believe to me I think of you day and night! You cannot present to yourself as I wish to meet you! I would want that our meeting was unforgettable! I will make everything that our meeting remains in our memory for all life! I want, that you were happy! I wish to be the most beautiful for you! I wish to be the most desired for you Today I will send you new photos. I went to shop to buy new clothes. I wish to be beautiful when I will arrive to you. I hope to you new photos will like. I did not have relations from the man more than 3 years! When I have met you, I have understood, that our meeting, it is my destiny! I believe that between us there will be a big passion and we can construct beautiful love! I very much it want! Our meeting with you is a big step forward! I always listen to the heart, and my heart says, that together we will be happy. What do you think about this? Do you agree with me? My native are happy, that I have got acquainted with you and now we plan to be together! I want, as soon as possible to be near to you! I do not wish to lose any day from my vacation!!! Our meeting, is the best way to get acquainted with each other! I very much miss on you and I think of our first meeting, at me now pleasant excitement, as I the modest girl :-) I hope my news will make you happy! I want, that you were happy! My kisses for you! Always remember that in the depth of Russia loves you with all his heart, a girl named Yuliya!
Yours, Yuliya!
Hi, my love!!!
Today I feel that we become is more close to each other. I feel that we will together very soon. I feel your love and care. You too feel it? My love I understand that you wish to buy to me the electronic ticket. But I cannot use it. I now will explain to you. For this purpose what to arrive to you I should prove that I will not be the illegal emigrant. You know that I the young unmarried woman. The embassy will not let out me from Russia if I do not prove to them that I the independent woman. I should prove that for me a life in Russia much better and I will return to Russia. On it I should buy itself tickets at the airport of Moscow. When I will buy tickets from me there will be a check about payment. I can prove that I have bought tickets. But if you buy to me electronic tickets that from me there will be no check about payment. And at check of the electronic ticket at once it becomes clear that it was bought by you instead of I. If about it who learns that that to me will forbid to take off from Russia. You understand me? Your help is very necessary to me. I should buy itself tickets at the airport of the city of Moscow. Please trust in me. You the man whom I waited all life! Only near to you I will be happy! I trust you the heart, I know, that you will not cause me a pain, I can entrust you the life! You have opened to me feelings which I did not test earlier, you have presented to me the true love! I am happy, that in mine the life is you! I very much do not have you! You became the most important person for me! I want is with you every minute! I wish to be near to you, only with you!!!! You as if air, thanks to you I can breathe! Between us distance which I not in forces to overcome! Together we will overcome all difficulties. We with you a single whole, between us are communication, I feel you on distance! My heart starts to knock very quickly when I represent our meeting, I miss on yours to touches, I wish to feel your sweet lips, I wish to feel your heat! You are necessary to me! You the first person to whom I have told about the feelings, I trust you, I know, that with you I in reliable hands! You my guardian angel! My love, you became really to all for me! Earlier for me there was only one real man, he/she is my father but when I have met you, I have understood, that in this life there are real men! I have understood, that you and are the real man! This life, I wish to live only with you! Only you are necessary to one me in this world! I want, that you have heard me that you have understood all my feelings to you! To me it is very heavy without you!
I never regretted about the past, I do not regret, that I have left all and have gone on a meeting to you! You the best man on the earth, I are glad, that you are in my life! I am madly strongly glad, that I have met you! I am proud of that I have dared to write to you then the first letter! My darling, I very strongly miss on you! It is intolerable to wait! I have got tired to wait! I very much would like to nestle more likely on you and to be with you! I would like to enjoy your presence! Our happiness in your hands, you can make our meeting real, I trust in you, I know, that you the strongest man in the world! You can carry out all our dreams! I live only hopes, that you will help me more likely. Only you can connect our hearts, my life in your hands! I trust you! My life, my heart in your hands, I ask you protect our love! I love you! You have presented to me the finest emotions! Everything, that I want, to be near to you! We have deserved to be happy, we should overcome all these difficulties! I know, that we necessarily will together because we love each other, and distance not a problem for our love! I know, that our feelings will overcome any distances! My love, I madly strongly love you! You the most expensive, that are at me! I love you all heart! I with impatience will wait your letter! Forever only yours......
Good evening my love!
Hudson today I would visit embassy for this purpose what to show tickets and to receive the visa. I have news. In embassy to me have explained an additional condition which I should execute to receive the visa! I knew that for visa reception in rare instances show to show material stability. Presence of cash this requirement for those who cannot confirm the material stability and well-being. I took with myself the inquiry on the salary from a place of work and documents on that that I have own apartment. It serves as the proof of my material stability. In rare instances demand to have money resources and the sum it is defined depending on the person of the tourist.
I use the shortest visa and she the most simple in reception. I have shown all these documents in embassy and thought that everything is all right. I did not expect that will wait for me a shock today. The consul has told to me cannot give out me the visa without a guarantee of material stability. I to be indignant and speak that it began impossible. Why you to me have not told about it at once. On what he has answered me that after consideration of your documents and tickets such decision was accepted. They are not obliged to me to explain the reason.
I think that such decision was affected by those that I have brought not paper tickets and electronic. I do not know. Now I have met such difficulties. I guessed that me I can ask about it. But I thought that a field of granting of all documents on presence of my real estate they will not ask me a guarantee of material stability. It was full unexpectedness for me. According to rules the citizen arriving to England, should have cash at a rate of 70 pounds a day. My visa is already made for a period of 30 days and I should have money for 30 days. This condition of my visa.
Therefore I should obey to rules and should have 2100 pounds to arrive to you.
I did not know as you it to speak. Unfortunately I am compelled to ask you 2100 pounds. I am assured, that it will be last a step to our meeting. I love you and we should not stop. We should make this last step! I knew, that I will have expenses, but I did not know, that so much it will cost. Unfortunately it and now I Should execute this agreement. It is a considerable quantity of money. I understand it.
But as I should you inform, that we will not lose these 2100 pounds. This money is necessary for that, To prove in embassy, that I financially stable citizen and I can provide my travel to England itself. I hope you understand this formality. When I will arrive to you, I will return this money to you and I promise, that I will not spend money. You understand It? All money will be on my card. We together will draw out this money from my card as soon as I will arrive to you. Today I was very much afflicted also it broke my heart when has learnt these news. But now I precisely know, That it is last step to our meeting.
Once again excuse me, our meeting takes many money and forces. But I love you very much, and I wish to arrive to you. I do not know that will occur to the ticket if you refuse to help me. You can probably return money or we will lose the ticket. I do not know. But I hope that you will choose me and can help me. Now I even am afraid to see your answer, but I will wait your letter.
Good morning my love!
Hudson, you has dumped fetters from my soul, you have filled my heart with love! You have captivated I wash heart, it belongs to you!! You have presented to me the finest feeling on the earth, feeling of love! You mean for me much, I love you more lives, you became a part me! My love, I wish to present to you all world, all my love! You have opened to me doors during a new life, you have made my life magic! My love I always worry about you, I ask the god every day, that with you all would be good! I cannot worry, if with you that that happens! I wish to be your guardian angel, to preserve your sweet dream, to preserve love which the destiny has presented to us!! My love, you the most expensive person for me, you all my life! I LOVE YOU MORE LIVES! I have presented to you the hearts, I ask you to store carefully my heart, I never so close did not admit the person during the life! My native are very happy, that in my life there were you, they trust you! My native wish our of good luck, they very much worry about us! My love, I has understood all your words. Tomorrow morning I will go to embassy and I will try to change amount of days. I understand that I risk but I should make that that you ask. You my man and I trust your decision. My love, now on my account is 7000 roubles. It approximately 90 pounds sterling. But every day I use the small sum of this money for journey of transport and meal. I think that this money would will be necessary for me for this purpose what to live till August, 20th. I try to save money but I cannot use them at all. My love, now I has understood that you necessarily will need to send money. My love, I think that it will be better if you send money at once into my bank account. You can make it? If you use Moneygram that to me it is necessary to receive at first money in this system and then to lay down them into my account. You are possible can use at once my bank account and to send money there? If you wish to use my account that I can write you the detailed information.
My love I always was fair with you! My heart has prompted to me, that you which that man I waited all life! Earlier I never tested such feelings to the man! Now I cannot present the life without you! You have turned mine, a life you have presented to me true love! My love you as a sweet dream! When I think of you my head begins is turned, the earth leaves at me from under feet, my heart is ready to jump out of a breast! My love I wish to carry by our love through a year! I do not know, that can occur tomorrow, but you for ever in my heart that there would be no I always I will love you! Yesterday, today, tomorrow my love to you becomes more and more! Every day to me all is heavier to transfer the loneliness, at me at all does not remain forces, you are very necessary to me! Every night I feel, that I am lonely, as you are not present nearby! Only thoughts on you help me! My love, washing a shower is compressed from a pain, it is difficult to me to breathe, heart is ready to jump out of a body, my eyes are filled by tears, I would like to shout to me hard without you, my love does not suffice me you! My pillow is impregnated by tears! Every day to me all is heavier to take itself in hands, the pain from loneliness has held down me! About my God me so you do not suffice! My love, seconds have turned in minutes, minutes have turned at an o'clock! One hour for me as one day! And day without you lasts as eternity! My love, I madly strongly love you! My love, seems to me, that without you, I do not live and simply I exist! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! My HEART FOREVER In YOURS to the CAPTIVITY!!!
Thanks my love. Thanks you for that that you the real man.
details of my bank account:
First name: YULIYA
Middle name: SERGEEVNA
Date of Birth: 06/08/1989
Beneficiary's bank: VTB 24 (PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Address of the bank: Moscow, Myasnitskaya street, house 35. A phone number +74957772424
Beneficiary's Acc No.: 40817840814094003486
My home address where I am registered: Kamyshin, Turgenev street, home 29, apartment 24, zip code 403882
My address where I stayed in Moscow: Moscow, Rogov street, house 13, apartment 54, 123098
I hope that it is all information which it would be required what to send money for this purpose. If that is required to you what additional information that I should go to bank to ask it. But I hope that it is all information.
My love I am sorry, for my words. It is heavy to me to collect the thoughts, I cannot calm myself. At the airport I have faced the big problems and I could not write to you. I am probable the silliest woman in the world. I could not take off for England today. Me have not let in aboard the plane... Listen to me please, read my letter up to the end! It is very difficult to me to concentrate, I cannot think of correctly, my eyes wet from tears. I have written today you the letter and have gone to the airport. I had a good mood, I have arrived to the airport before it was necessary. I was afraid to be late. All was good, I have had time to make all that we with you planned! I Saw many planes and knew that one of them mine!!
When I passed examination the employee of customs in the airport have asked, that I have shown the things and I have not refused. The employee of customs of the airport, have paid attention to my personal thing is my necklace.
I wished to take it with myself to seem for you very beautiful in it. It was a surprise which I wished to show to you!! Mum would give me a family necklace for this purpose that I took it with myself. I very much wished to decorate day of our first meeting, I did not know, that in rules of customs I cannot transport such expensive necklace... I was in branch of police and there to me said, that I wished to transport illegally jewelry in other country. You understand me? Hudson, I have explained to everything, that I fly to my beloved... I said, that I love you and that that should take off in England to have the first meeting with you. I had a nervous breakdown... I shouted at the airport and me have withdrawn in an examination room. There to me set many questions who I, whence and where I fly and many other questions. They many times set the same questions from for that that thought that I deceive them! I have told it all truth!!! I have told that I fly on the first meeting with the love!!! Whether they have checked up I flied when be abroad and having learnt that I anywhere was not have believed to me. But from for that that they have found on me this necklace they me have fined!
To me have written out a heavy fine and it is necessary, that I have paid it that to me have allowed to take off. I never thought, that in day of our meeting to happen such awful situation. You are probable now very malicious on me. Forgive please me. I consider myself very guilty to you. You have made for me so much and I so have brought you!! It is very a shame to me and I am insulting that so you have brought! I do not know as I can deserve your pardon. You will be angry now with me and my nonsense. Forgive me I beg my love!! I will eternally abuse myself for the nonsense and that I have wanted to make to you a surprise. Forgive me please!
I was afraid, that I will have a problem with police, and in police to me have written out the penalty in 65000 roubles.
I do not know as me to be. I only wished to be more beautiful for you. I still wish to arrive to you. Hudson, I did not justify your trust, and itself is upset.
I want, that you knew, that I love you, and I wish to arrive to you.
I do not know that else I can tell now. I very much am afraid that you will shout at me. I very much am afraid that you will be in anger.
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