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Julia Okhotnikova
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Okhotnikova Julia Andreevna
He/she asked me on the meeting site for my mail address, met "her" on a romanian meeting site and of course there was writing in romanian language (google translate).
Even the first mails were in romanian also until I have seen that translator is used and asked her to use english. So she did. After few more mails, not more than 1/day, sometime even more, she decided she is in love with me.
This is my first experience of this kind and I started somehow to trust her but not into all.
We soon became virtual lovers. I started to see that something isn't right, from the moment that she started to avoid some of my questions more, she told me she dose not use social apps. When I asked for her phone number and she again started to avoid the answer, I started somehow to wake up and started to make some research (she gave me this phone number after few days because I insisted, i really don't know who this phone belongs to but the real person from the pictures sent by her is from Moscow), used her pics sent by her to find out who she really is.
She indeed didn't lied about the job but lied about location. I haven't told her anything, leaving for the moment the things as were.
She started after few days to tell me that she really wants to meet me but her income is low and she still need some more money for travel.
I wasn't so stupid to send her any but told her that I don't have until October. She agreed that even then is alright and continued to send me love mails, of course only 1/day as usual, until yesterday evening I become so pissed and send her some pics with the real identity of the girl shown in her pictures.
When she seen that (and I will attach this SS to you also) she told me not to write to her anymore and started to threaten me. The big mistake I have made is that I have sent her so many of my photo also. Maybe this is a type of scammer that uses the photos and try to scam others. The good thing is that I haven't sent her any money.
What should I do? Go to police and show them the threatening mails also? I will wait for your answer. Thank you!

My love! I read your letter and tears appeared in my eyes ... these are tears of happiness, joy ... I am so happy that you are in my life. I love you with all my heart. I carefully read everything you wrote to me. Thanks for the new photos. I hope the operation was successful and you feel good? I understand that you can help me with my trip to you in October ... You're right, we will have to wait a long time. But I love you and I want to be with you, so I'm ready to wait! Hope you can do it as soon as possible .. Thanks for the information you wrote to me. I will write it down because it is sure to come in handy for me.

My love, everything will be fine with us! Together we can succeed and will meet with you no matter what! I feel sincerity, warmth and care in your words. My dear, you are my happiness! I have found happiness with you ... even if we are not together yet, but this moment will come in the very near future. We will meet with you and we can forget about all the problems, erase from our lives all the difficulties that we went through. And in the future, we will have only the most beautiful moments. I dream of our joint travels in your country. Just you and me! We will be together forever, I believe in it with all my heart. Before going to bed, I think a lot about our future, I paint pictures of our future only in bright colors. You are the man whom I want to make the happiest! My love, I really want you to recognize me in real life. I am sure that you will not change your mind about me when we are together. I want to be with you, love you and take care of you. Now this is my main goal in life. I love you very much ... You are my man forever ...! I kiss you. Your love Julia.

Hello my love! Again, I am pleased to receive your letter! I'm so glad you can meet me at the airport! This is great news! Thanks for the new photos, I really liked it! I really miss you. I very love you! Being without you is very difficult for me. I want so much to be with you and am looking for ways to meet us. I went to a travel agency and studied what I would need to arrive at you. In the beginning I need to collect all the necessary documents:
1. Foreign passport
2. Two black and white photographs, size 3.5x4.5
3. A completed application form,
4. Documents, testifying that I have a job in Russia,
5. Documents confirming that direct relatives remain in Russia,
6. Insurance.
7. Air ticket.

So, to fly to you, I have to do some paperwork and get a visa. It will take some time to make these documents. Obtaining these documents will take about 5-7 days! A tourist visa is ideal for us. We are very lucky! My good friend has a mother who works in a travel agency and she will help us quickly get a visa. I thank fate for this opportunity! Maybe I can get a visa within 7-14 days !!! I also need to buy 2 tickets, one ticket to your country and the other back. I think that during this time we will be able to strengthen our relationship and test our feelings. Since we are going to be together, I need to know your exact home address and the address of the airport closest to your home. I ask you to send this information as soon as possible.
My dear, my trip will cost 470 euro. I don??t have that kind of money at the moment. I was able to find 150 euros. I don??t want to complain, but my income is too small for this and I can??t find 320 euros for a trip to Moscow and pay for a visa and other documents.
I very love you!!! And I do not want to lose you. No one can help me with money. I am completely sincere with you, I hope that you understand my situation, that I do not have that kind of money. I'm sorry dear if this upsets you. We must trust each other and overcome all difficulties. Just imagine that soon we can be together! I very love you! You are the best in my life! And our meeting could be the happiest day for us! Yours forever Julia!
Can you understand me Better stop writing to me, otherwise it will end badly for me and for you!
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