Olga Kuzmina from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Kuzmina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-09-05 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Kuzmina
Darya Khristolyubova
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Name: Olga (Ekaterina, Regina, Darya) Kuzmina, Elvira Zainutdinova
Phone: 79379347741
Was born on 03.22.1989
City: Moscow, Russia, Street River, house 38, entrance 1, apartment 8
Email: ulibakaa30@gmail.com, kraselelvirrka15@gmail.com

Hello my new friend! Today I received your first letter. I am very glad to see a letter from you. I have a desire to know you better. I ask you to write to me as much as possible about yourself. I would be pleased if you sent me your picture. I'll send you my picture. Now I tell you a little about myself, that you knew who I was. My name is Olga.
Now I'm full 30 years old. I was born on the 22nd of March. I live in Russia, not far from the city of Kazan, in the village Chebaksa. It's about 30 hours drive from Kazan. I do not have parents. I grew up in boarding school number 11 in Kazan, Sovetsky district. My parents I will never see. And I do not know anything about them. The Internet did not say anything about my parents. I tried to find out, but could not find out anything. No brothers, no sisters, no close ones. After boarding, the state allocated me a room and paid my education.
I do not like to think of the Internat. It was in the past.
I received a secondary special education, on the make-up artist make-up artist. And so she passed special training for the master of permanent make-up. In other words, I professionally grimiruyu artists and actors, and also do professional make-up. I work in the theater of fashion and variety. And so professionally I do permanent make-up. I studied this for a long time. I have no children of my own. But I want to have my own child. But one thing I know for sure! I like kids!
I can not find a good person for myself in my city. All that men want from me is just sex, without obligations.
Now I decided to try to find a person on the Internet. I was advised to do this as a colleague at work. I decided to try. In my spare time from work I like to read romantic books. Sometimes at home I listen to music that soothes me, I like listening to classical music and pop music. I like Russian performer, Natalie!
Natalie - Oh my God, what a man!
Sometimes I go to a theater or a movie with my friends. I have many good friends, most of whom work with me. I like doing sports. Three times a week I go to the gym for a program ABS Stretch. I like to keep myself in good shape. In good weather I like to go out with friends to nature, we spend a lot of fun there. But it happens very rare. And now I want to ask you some questions. I hope that you will be honest with me: Why did you decide to find a friend on the Internet? You can not find a loved one in your town? How long have you been looking for a girl online?
It is important for me to know: how old are you? what city do you live in ? What is your full name? Could you give me your mobile phone number? And I want you to write all about yourself in detail. Now I am finishing this letter, I will look forward to your reply. Another time I will try to tell about myself and about my life. And I'll send you more of my photos.
Your new girlfriend Olga.

Hello my sweet *****!
I was pleased to see your letter today. Because I didn??t sleep very well, as I spent most of the night on the bus. But when I saw your letter, it became much better for me. Moscow is a very big city and it seems to me that all people are evil here. I already got nasty in the subway. I went to the embassy and took the necessary documents for departure. But when I was at the embassy and received the documents. Then I was forced to undergo the necessary procedure. This procedure is undergoing all who are going to fly to another country. This procedure is to completely check all the data and my debts. And it turned out that I did not expect. I was told that I have a debt on the guarantee of the loan. And before leaving the Russian Federation, I need to close all fines and debts. Or they won't let me out of Russia. This is a mandatory procedure. My sweet, I learned that my friend with whom I was a guarantor for her loan, I did not pay my loan taken from a bank and now because of her I cannot leave Russia, until I pay for it the outstanding loan and accrued interest. I was told that he no longer pay the loan for 4 months. Now I can not contact her. He went to another city, because he found a man there. and I don't even have her address. And I will have to pay a loan, since I want to leave Russia to my passionate and sweet prince. But now I do not have the full amount to repay this loan. I now have money that I took with me just in case. But this money is not enough to repay the loan. And now I am in a very difficult situation. I am certainly not pleased to ask you for help and maybe I should not do this. But I have no choice. Because now I have no one to turn to. My debt is 700 dollars. Now I have $ 200 in my wallet. And I miss $ 500 to close the loan. until I close this loan they will not let me out of the country. I understand that this is not your problem. But I appeal to you because now I see no other way out. If you refuse me, I will understand you. Don't worry, I will give you all the money back when upon arrival I will allocate money for accommodation.
This will be 2,200 dollars.
This is my monthly salary. I would ask him to send me money to pay off the loan. But he cannot do this due to the fact that they are in a special bank account. And access to them will be if only we with him come to the bank. This is done so that I do not have access to them until I get to work. And also that my curator would not have direct access to my money. It turns out some kind of hopeless situation. I think that you will not refuse me this help, although I understand that I should not ask you about it at all. But I hope that now I am not a stranger to you, and I can count on your support.
Because now I do not think about work, I think only about you and our meeting.
Because I think that you are my future. If now my trip because of this will fail, then I will not be able to once again arrange a flight to you. because it is very expensive. And I have already spent all my savings on the preparation of my departure.
I really don't know what to do. and hope for you.
I will be waiting for your letter. Olga.

Hello my buddy *****! I'm glad to see your new letter.
Thank you for your words and kindness. Your concern gives me a fighting spirit and psychological satisfaction. In all honesty, I'm worried that you won't answer me(( I always think about the worst, but hope for the best) You're all time beside me in my heart. In my thoughts you occupy a significant place in my life. Thanks for what you cheer me up. You're very important to me and at this phase of my life I live just dream of you. I expect that soon our sexual appetite will be fulfilled. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want you to take my ass. I have never tried this kind of sex, but I believe we both get the greatest pleasure. You will be the first man to whom I shall allow to do it! Today I am in Moscow. I feel fever in my body. In the event that you were close to me, then I would have climbed into your lap and kissed you so passionately that your cock was hard and ready for action. Oooo! These sweet dreams!!! What exactly are you doing to me?! I'm a better rather change the theme in another direction, to cool my ardor. This morning I settled at a hostel at the Embassy. I have all the necessary facilities, shower, stove to cook, a TV. By the Way, my trip went well. Although, during takeoff and landing, my heart sank from fear as well as my ears so hard to get a moment I thought I went deaf. But despite all the nuances, I am happy with the flight. Never before have I felt such adrenaline. The whole way I was thinking how wonderful that's occurring to me. It was just like a fairytale! But reality broke all my dreams into little bits. As it turned out it is not as straightforward as I thought. I had a problem in which my internship is in peril(( very difficult for Me to write to you about it, however, I promised to be honest to you. My difficulty is that I have an unsettled debt for utilities bill. This debt is 39000 rubles. In us dollar terms that is $600. I had no idea that this may influence my trip. However, there's such a law and I need to pay the debt so as to release me from Russia. In the past few years a lot of Russian citizens departed abroad, leaving huge unpaid bills for utilities.
Consequently, the departure from Russia, at the presence of debts, canceled. I'm asking you to not blame me with this!!! I really don't wish to hear the screams and insults from the person to whom I have a warm, honest feelings. Please don't throw stones at me! My heart is broken! I'm totally perplexed and somehow gathered all the strength to write to you about everything. I barely controlled so as to not shout. I feel absolutely crushed. I feel really lousy ((((( I'm afraid you will abandon me and I lose you, never taken you! From the realization that my hands are shaking. I tried to solve the problem yourself, however, I have no such amount of money. Inside my wallet was $100. I paid them all, but this is not sufficient (( I think that it's a shame to ask for your help, but I have no other choice. Maybe you refuse to help me. I understand all very well! In general, I don't know what to do!? I'm burning up with shame! Forgive me for making you read this. But, I really have no one to turn to. Understand me, please! I have no acquaintances in Moscow. I tried to request money from the internship program, but I had been denied. The state pays only those conditions that were included in the contract, and all of the personal issues I need to resolve on their own! My dear I do not know if I have the right to request your help?! But you're my hope only! As I said, my salary as assitant dentist will be enough to stay. As I understand it, 2900$ is great money and I shall pay you to the debt. I will get the money within two days after my arrival. I'll pay you back as soon as I get paid. I'm sure it won't be too hard! Please help me! I must pay the remaining of 500! I'll get it to you as soon as I receive my first paycheck. I have almost no time! I learned from employees of the Bank on remittances moneygram or westernunion. Here is the safest and fastest way of global money transfer. Dear that the sooner you will be able to help me, the quicker I will fly to you. This is exactly what we need at the moment. At the end of this letter I shall give all of the info required for transfer your help. I'm begging you don't leave me in this horrible situation. I'm in a bind|rush! Only you, my hero, can save me.
I'll wait good news from you impatience. Here's my data for transfer of money:
Name - Olga. Lastname - Kuzmina. City - Moscow. Country - Russia. Street - Street River, house 38, entrance 1, apartment 8
When you can send money, give me all the information on money transfers! The most sweet kisses to the most precious man in the world.
Your Olga.
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