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Is Natalia Lomakina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-12-16 , financial damage US $ 10100

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Natalia Lomakina
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My Relationship: From January 2017 to November 2019 My First date: September 2012, through Uadreams website, I met her in Kharkov City/ Ukraine, in that time Natalia Lomakina is 21 years old, I finish the relationship because don't believe that 21 years old really serious about getting married and having a family.
She communicated with me on October 2016 and we agreed to meet again in my Place in Dubai to start new relationship.
First Victim: Joe Grimes / USA, Bowling Green, Kentucky, they live together 6 months, very fat man and impossible 21 years old beautiful Ukrainian girl leave her country to get married with this fat man, she escape from USA to Ukraine with his money with very expensive diamond ring, he want to file a police case but Natalia told him that she regrets and with time she understand that she don't love him and this is Joe Grimes mistake and so on, so he don't file a police case against her.
In November 2019, I found accidentally a photo for Natalia Lomakina with another Guy his Instagram name (dk_evgenii), this photo taken in Canadian nightclub and restaurant in Kiev, Halloween Sexy BDSM Party date 2nd November 2019, I don't Natalia is his Prostitute providing escorting service for Elite men or she planing to be his girlfriend to live with him Denmark, so I start my investigations and I called her boyfriend# 2 Sergey Peltec, then I called Natalia Lomakina and she told me the below informations:
Natalia Lomakina, , professional Local and International Scammer, my relationship with Natalia Lomakina started from January 2017 until November 2019, started her scamming career when she was 21 years through Uadreams dating agency, the first Victim is Joe Grimes from America, I met her in Kharkov- Ukraine when she was 21 years old, then we met again in Dubai January 2017 to Start a new relationship, she claimed that her heart broken for years because of her relationship with Joe Grimes, and she don't have any boyfriend and looking for love and creating her dream family, she was working with Ukrainian Army for 3 years, her contract with Army ended on December 2017,
but she very creative and smart girl in creating different stories about her difficult life, she creating story on me that her contract with Ukrainian Army not terminate because of the war between Ukraine and Russia, in March 2018 she asked for 15000$ to help her to quit from army, she told me that she will give this money as a bribe to army doctor to make a fake report that she not healthy girl to continue in army Service.
in November 2019 after 3 years of relationship I found a photo of Natalia Lomakina in Canadian night club in Kiev with another man in Halloween BDSM Sexy Party date 2 November 2019, then I discovered the below facts.

1- she was in relationship with 4 guys from Different countries, Guy#1 is Grisha Bogach, she live with him Nikolaev City- Ukraine for 6 years, relationship ended on December 2017 .
2- Guy# 2: Sergey Peltec from Berlin Germany, relationship starts from June 2016 to November 2019, relationship broken because I communicated this Guy, they lived together for 6 months Berlin and 3 months in Kiev between 2018 and 2019, in those 6 months Natalia Lomakina told me that she is working in Donetsk City for 6 months and NATO not allowing using mobile SIM card and only WiFi is allowed and sometimes Russian Disturbing WiFi and 3G Signals.
3- Guy#3- Afif - Dubai UAE, Relationship started from January 2017 to November 2019
4: Guy#4 dk_Evgenii, the new boyfriend, relationship started from August 2019 until November 2019, they broke up because of me when I communicated her new boyfriend .
5- this Girl is very smart in creating stories, and she never forget a single word in any conversation with any of her 4 boyfriends and she remember everything, she is ready to meet all your family, she cleaning your home, cooking, sex, great girl in love, very easy to trust her baby face and her words, and very hard to discover her Evil soul, using men for money, in November 2019 she created a story the she take 27000$ bank loan to give a bribe to army doctor to make a fake report that she not healthy to continue in army work while she is already her contract with army ended on December 2017, she planing to take this money from me to buy new home in Kiev and to open her optic shop, now she has an optic shop in Kiev.

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Date: 2019-12-19 | Name: Afif Omran | Email: hidden
I am 100% sure that Natalia Lomakina is real girl because I met her Personally in Kharkov and Dubai, and i am personally booked her air ticket from Kiev to Dubai, so the attached passport is 100% real and you can find her through her passport and her mobile number. Please find below the attached real passport and my photos with Natalia Lomakina in Kharkov and Dubai so you can understand that Natalia Lomakina identity is not stolen and she is 100%

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