Mariya Semenova from Polyarny a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Mariya Semenova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2020-01-15 , financial damage US $ 250

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Mariya Semenova
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[email protected]
[email protected]
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She is a scammer, professional liar, can you different name (Darya, Elena etc). Please, be careful and aware with her.
Address: ul. Geroyev Tumana, 10. City: Polyarny Murmanskaya oblast. Russia 184664. Telephone: 79021072031
She sends you a message on your mailbox and she introduces herself as a girl who is only interested in a serious relationship she says that her father is a soldier that she is a sports coach.
She lives in Northern Russia in Murmansk. After trusting you and falling in love with you, she prepares the ground to visit you in your country.
The scam starts with the cost of visa + insurance and plane ticket. For France that it amounts to 650 euros.
Once the sum received on her bank account in Moscow, she tells you that the Russian immigration services do not want to issue her the visa, because she must justify an amount of 40 Euros per day over a period of 3 months. Which is about 3600 Euros.

  Hello from Russia.
I believe thou meet time in thy life when you start lonely. Right now I have myself lonely. My friend told me that I need get dating and this goes I fixed to try it. Now talk you regarding me.
Now I am twenty nine years old. I am 5'9''ft tall. My weight 58 kg. My sign the Aquarius. My dream find true love and man of my life. I not have bad habits and do sports. I not won't say just now the name since shy.
When ye answer me so I will speek my name. If you don't desire to continue hereafter only tell to me nil. So this is my destiny. Waiting for thou letter, if if you're interested conservation.

  Hello my desired man!
My love I have so many things to tell you.
The travel-manager told me that I must apply for visa.
She wrote me down the list of necessary documents for sending them to the embassy.
It includes the certificate from my work proving my position.
Then I need the medical certificate proving that I am a healthy person,
the document about my salary and finally I must fill in the application form and sign it.
It is easy to do it so I think I will be able to gather all papers for several days.
Then I must buy insurance for my life and transfer.
The manager gave me the prices in euros because it is easier for them.
The visa and insurance together cost 150 ?.
The time of getting tourist visa is 10 working days.
I must pay for return tickets. You know I live in the town.
The nearest international airport is in Moscow.
The train tickets to Moscow and staying there before the flight cost 150 ?.
The plane tickets to Paris Charles de Gaulle will cost about 394 ?.
They must be return tickets as I will be a tourist.
So you see the whole price is 694 ?.
I am sorry to say that but it is a great amount of money for me.
I have talked to my mum about it. She is eager to help but it is difficult to save up money for her.
I don't know what to do. I don't earn so much money.
My love I am afraid to lose all the dreams which I had!
I want to be near you and I want to say with you forever!
What shall we do? How to come over this financial question?
Please don't leave me... I can't imagine life without you!
I want to believe that we can come over all the difficulties

  Hello my love
You can't imagine how I miss you, darling!
At last I could find inet cafe to write you my love.
I have two news: one is perfect and the other is a kind of a problem which I think we solve.
The first is the fact that my visa is approved in the Embassy of France.
The second is I didn't get the permission to leave my country in the Russian Department of Emigration!
I passed there the interview there but I have one problem.
I must have the money in my pocket to get the permission to leave my country.
The representative of Russian Department of Emigration asked me to show if I have it.
He said that this is the proof of my creditability and
to give me the permission the government must be sure that
I have the money for staying in your country and
all the Russians going abroad are to prove their creditability.
I am not an exception. Of course I couldn't show anything to him as I didn't know about this
and he said that actually my permission is ready
and I can have it when I will have this cash to show.
I was a bit worried, but then I was explained that it is not necessary to spend it, only to show.
I answered that I am going to you, but they say that no matter to whom I am going,
because for the government I must do all that they demand.
So, I must have 3600 euros with me when
I go to Russian Department of Emigration for the second time to collect my permission.
You know that I am getting the tourist visa, which is given for 90 days.
This sum is calculated like 40 euros for every day of staying in 3600 euros.
They need it to be sure that I will have smth to eat and will have the place to live in.
I explained then that I am going to my boyfriend and that I do not have this money,
because I had to take his for the ticket and the papers.
But the representative of Russian Department for Immigration
told me that there is nothing to be worried about.
I will have only to show this money and then I will give it back to my boyfriend.
Honey I was confused as I did not know about this condition :(
I myself know that I do not need any money for food and place to live,
but it is a rule and I will have to have money before my flight.
I feel so ill at ease to ask you for it.
I am very confused, because I feel that it is not expected for you as well as for me.
This money is like a paper of my safe staying in France saying in another way.
I suppose that you hear of it as well.
My love, I spent a very hard day today and I have to hurry up to you my love.
Honey, I love you and all the day I imagined our meeting...
I imagined our first night and your love to me!!!
I feel not very comfortable, you wouldn't like what I look like now if you could see me!
Please, answer me asap, my love!
I kiss you softly.
Yours, Mariya.
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Date: 2020-01-18 | Name: Aleksey | Email: hidden
The girl in the photo is the love of my life. I gave these flowers to her about 5 years ago. Someone stole photos and made a fake account. That's all.

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