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She appeared in our database from 2020-07-15 , financial damage US $ 0

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Alya Osmonova
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[email protected]
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Osmonova Alya Serverovna. She was born on March 16, 1990.
Live in the city: Lesnoy in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
I dont remember who contacted, who first says she want to get to know me better through emails she sends pictures of herself claims to be a assistant pediatrician.
Photos was stolen from

How are you doing my love. I hope your mood is better. I haven't recieved the money I applied for yet it could possibly take a minimum of 5 to 7 days or maximum of 10 days . So I need to know some information this is important for our meeting to take place I need your full name date of birth mailing address and phone number if u have one also I need to know how much you have for your trip and how much you still need to purchase your documents and airfare .now if I do get the money I applied for and I send u the rest of the remainder of what u still need I hope that you will keep to your word and come to my country to meet with me .cause I will not only be out of the money but heartbroken as well .like I told u before I've been screwed around by women who didnt care about me but what I could buy them or give them besides my love .you're words sound genuine and so far I am believing everything you've told me I really want you here with me I am fantasizing you getting off the plane running into my arms and driving you back to a hotel or back to my place talking and kissing you.ihave not seen u in real life but I feel we are suppose to be with each other do u know what I mean .I'm missing you I am so alone I want to be with you and never be alone again good night my love hugs and kisses to you Alya

Hello my dear Donald!
How are you doing today? What is your mood? I am very glad to receive your letter. I'm sorry that you still have not received compensation from the state. I was very pleasantly surprised that you are ready to help me. I am very pleased!! Thank you for helping me. I am glad to understand that our meeting means a lot to you too !!
My mood today is already a little better, because I have some good news for you.
My dear, remember, I told you that I would contact my Mom to ask her for financial assistance to travel to you?
I contacted my Mom and explained to her the whole situation that we are now facing. I told her that I did not expect the cost of the trip to you to be so high but I explained to my mother that this trip is very important to me and that my fate after this trip can very much change for the better. I said that I have some money but my savings are not enough for me to pay the full trip to you. Mom listened carefully to me, and said that she has some financial savings, and she can help me a little. She said she could help me with $ 700. I was very grateful to Mom for this! She said she’s always happy to help me, and if she had the opportunity to help more, she would help more, just now, at the moment she no longer has free cash savings. She asked how our communication goes, and I told my mom that we were fine. I had about 200 dollars, Mom will be able to give me 700 dollars, and in the end it turns out that at the moment I already have 900 dollars.
Now I just have to find $ 950, and now this amount does not seem so terrible as it was at the very beginning. I’m not used to giving up when difficulties arise and I’m used to solving problems, rather than run away from them or adapt to these problems. And I want my man to be the same, to be the same, that he would not run away from problems, but be ready to always solve any problems in the future.
In your letter you asked me for my details and of course I will give them to you.

My full name is Osmanova Alya Serverovna, my date of birth is March 16, 1990.
I live in the city: Lesnoy in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, Street: Pobedy, house 2, apartment 35, my phone number is +7 917 157 13 90.

Today at work everyone noticed that my mood became a little better and of course many began to ask me questions about our meeting.
I said that little by little I begin to solve the problems of our meeting. You know, both Mom and all my colleagues are in a little shock right now, that I’m taking such steps to meet a man, because usually we have a man seeking a woman and taking many steps to achieve a woman.
But in our situation the opposite is true. But I said that, in principle, I don’t care who and what thinks, because my meeting with you is important to me and it is very important for me to meet with you during my vacation, because the next such opportunity can only be in a year, and I personally do not want to miss this opportunity. If we miss this opportunity, then this meeting will turn out not so much and was important.
I don’t want everything to be that way, I want our communication to develop, I want us to meet and start building serious relationships.
I really really want this and now, at the moment I am ready to make every effort for the sake of this meeting.
I wish you a good day my dear. I hope the news that I told you will please you I am kissing and hugging you Your Alya.

Hello my dear Donald How are you?? Are you all right?? I am very glad to receive your letter now. I have some free time and I immediately write you a letter.
I read your letter. I realized that you were able to get money from the state and approximately on July 17 you will talk with a travel agency in order to pay for my travel documents to you !!
This is the happiest news in recent times. My vacation will begin in 12 days, and the documents will be prepared in about 7-10 days. I hope that we will all succeed and spend together as much time as possible.
My dear, there have been a lot of bad news on TV lately, and they are talking about the second wave of the virus. And you know, in our world there has always been enough bad news, and if people constantly watch the news, it may give the impression that only negative things are happening all over the world. For some reason, the news rarely shows good and positive events. At least so in my country. Most often, a news feed in my country is like a horror movie (figuratively speaking). And the good and positive news is less and less. Quite often they report on the pandemic in different countries.
Quite often they report on various kinds of crimes that are committed both in my country and in other countries. And now quite often they report on various wars. Of course, such news always causes negative emotions. And it is unfortunate that in this world the amount of positive news is decreasing every year. And to be honest, I'm already tired of hearing various negative news.
And yesterday I decided to watch other TV channels on TV. There are two TV channels on my TV that I watch when I want to relax a little morally. And I personally really like these two TV channels.
These two channels are called Animal Planet and National Geographic. Have you ever watched these TV channels? Animal Planet is a channel about the natural nature and how different animals live in the natural nature.
And National Geographic is a television channel about Geography, history, culture and wildlife. And yesterday, I decided to first watch the Animal Planet TV channel. On this channel there was a telecast about the life of tigers. This TV show talked about the species of tigers that exist in the wild, as well as how these beautiful animals live in the wild. And I watched this TV show with great interest.
After this show ended, I decided to watch National Geographic. And on this TV channel they showed a telecast about people who have accomplished a real feat; I cannot even call it another. This TV show showed the story of a married couple who planted more than 4 million trees in their lives !!! Can you imagine that at all? 4 million trees !!! It seems to me a huge number.
As far as I remember, this one was about a couple from Brazil who decided to devote their lives to restoring the ecological system to the planet. And I can say with confidence that this is a very good thing.
And after some time thanks to these people a whole huge forest was restored !!!!! And it was also said that the act of this married couple inspired a huge number of people to take such positive actions.
And I think that these people have shown a great example to all of humanity that even two people could at least a little, but change this world for the better. After I watched this TV show, I turned off the TV and went to bed. And this time I fell asleep with the good positive emotions that gave me the viewing of these two television shows.
I, as always, wished you mentally good night, and I quickly fell asleep. Yes, when you and I are together, I will always fall asleep with positive emotions, because you will be next to me.
You give me positive emotions that warm my soul and my heart, and all these positive emotions that you give me, I keep these positive emotions deep in my heart !!!
And I want our life with you to have a large number of different positive emotions that will make our life better and better every day! Always remember that you are a special person for my soul and for my heart!
I wish you a wonderful mood!
I am kissing and hugging you!
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