Natalya Sur from Surgut a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalya Sur the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2020-07-22 , financial damage US $ 0

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Natalya Sur
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[email protected]
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This girl contacted me out of the blue via e-mail. I knew what was going to happen and played along. This has gone on for a while and she ended up asking the usual question.
This girls photos appear on lots of other scam warning sites. Ive had them sent to me in passed. Look on this site you will find a few references to her. The last report on this site was in 2019 when the were using the email address [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] But as ive said there are other reports.
"Can you send me money". I did not send any money, but thought I would let you know about her.

Hello my dear Steve.I 'm in Moscow now. Today I was busy very important issues.These are the important cases I told you about in previous letter.
I visited the hospital and did a number of tests on No virus in myblood. I didn 't spend a lot of time because It is now a massive eventthat is available to any volunteer Wishing to look for the disease inhis blood. My documents practically are ready. The travel agencymonitored flights to Necessary charter flights in advance. I took somemissing Medical tests today and went to Aeroflot Company I Provided anextract from the embassy, which allows me to make a registrationTickets as part of the volunteer program. But at Aeroflot to me Said Ihad to be mandatory before registering tickets Provide TravelInsurance. Now even for special Persons and persons of the volunteermovement must necessarily be such insurance. I could have guessedthat. Earlier these Requirements were not mandatory. And now these aremandatory Demands I went to the insurance organization. It seemed tome that Paying for and getting insurance is only a formality.
In the insurance company I saw a big price tag for this kind ofinsurance. But it was previously the standard price. Now I watchprices For such services of Russian insurance companies on theInternet. I begin To understand that insurance companies have greatlyoverestimated the price tag for such a Important insurance during thepandemic. I found previous prices and Called these insurancecompanies, but there I was told that prices were simple Has not beenupdated on the site. I have now found a site where the real Currentprices for insurance for crossing the border of the Territory RussianFederation. Now I 'm starting to realize it 's insurance Has too greata price for me. I called almost everything Companies from the list ofthose that give such policies.
I can see on the screen right now Monitor is the cheapest version ofthis type of insurance. I made for You 're a screenshot of thoseprices right now. Where the cost is specified in rubles. I I ambeginning to understand that insurance companies have cut off theavailability of these Services for a simple citizen. I don 't havethat many funds right now, to buy medical Travel policy to yourcountry. But the biggest part is documents it is already ready. Iinvested a lot in preparing this trips. I 've been preparing this tripfor a long time. And now I can 't cancel it. In the contract with thetravel agency there are conditions that Indicate participation in thevolunteer program.
I couldn 't know that Insurance companies will make a higher price forsome of their types insurance. Maybe the tourist operator expected meto have Funds for this type of insurance and did not notify me ofChanged prices for insurance... In any case, it became clear to me,That this price increase occurred very recently. It is difficult toadapt to changing conditions. I don 't want to miss this onepossibility of a trip. I called all my friends. I not Was able to findthat amount of money from my friends. Even small sum, now it isdifficult to borrow. After all, I have already occupied some smallamounts for Trips, my closest friends.
If you see a screenshot, a minimum package is listed on the siteInsurance for the amount of the insurance refund EUR 30,000. SumInsurance policy in such a case 57,579 rubles. And also to me A fewdays will have to live in Moscow. This too will have some smallexpenses. If you express all the necessary amount for insurance indollars, it is The amount is $737.
Only $737 is separating us right now. I have now opportunity forflight. But I should have mandatory insurance Policy from the RussianInsurance Company. Russian company Must insure Russian citizens whenleaving the country, these are mandatory Conditions for bordercrossing. This is a mandatory requirement of your Countries forspecial persons on charter flights. In our country supported theserequirements. I understand now that the demands have become morecruel. And the price of insurance policies in Russian companies it ismore increased. After all, it wouldn 't be a problem for me. I solvedalmost all the problems. I 've bypassed all the thresholds in thistravel. But now I understand that I can count only on yours help.I can 't buy this insurance policy myself. I already looked for Helpwith friends in my city. I called almost all of my to girlfriends. NowI can only hope for you. In your country for Volunteer work we will bepaid some funds. If now You can lend me this money to buy an insurancepolicy, then by I can return these funds to you at the end of myvolunteer work. I 'm very asking you to help me now with buying thiskind of insurance. I need $737.
Darling, tell me, Can you send me $737 for me to Moscow?
I have to look for cheap accommodation in Moscow now.
I have to look for A way out of this situation. I will be waiting foryour answer today all day in Hoping for your help. I 'm asking you tounderstand me now. I appeared in difficult situation. It was difficultto predict such behavior insurance companies. Once I can solve myinsurance problem Then I will be able to pick up previously paidtickets for Charter flight to your country. We 'll be able to see eachother in two Weeks after I arrived in your country.
I 'm asking you to help me.
Can you send me $737?
Now, I really need your prompt response.I love you. My kisses are for you.
Your Natalya.
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