Tamara Matvijchuk from Donetsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tamara Matvijchuk the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2020-09-22 , financial damage US $ 100

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Tamara Matvijchuk
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[email protected]
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Hi all,
I just wanted to warn other men about this girl. Absolutely ruthless individual. The Worst example of everything what is wrong with the world these days.. She may seem like the sweetest angel on earth, but believe me when I say it is all just lies. She will send you some sexy photos, slowly gaining your trust. Then slowly she pulls you in, asking more and more money and comes up after one ridiculous medical emergency after another.. Some examples

- My mother has Cancer, please give me 700 Euros.
- I need Eye operation. Give me 4500 Uah.
- I have breast cancer give me money.

obviously she is much better in telling these stories. Unfortunately i was a complete fool, that I believe all her stories. Biggest mistake of my life. Then when I finally figured out what is going on, she of course disappears with the money and never to be heard again.
Luckily for me at least I can warn others of her treachery. On this link you can find more pictures of her:
Her previous scamming profiles:


Through reverse image search I was able to find her spouse/ex-boyfriend or maybe just an accomplish in these crimes. His name is Alexander Matviychuk. She appears to be using his name to withdraw the money she asks from you.

Guys, be careful with this! She might be the prettiest girl you ever come accross (and great rack), but it is only a carefully laid out trap to get as much money from you as possible...

Also i have exfoliation of the cornea of ??č??čthe eye
And i need small operation for it
I need an operation now
Because i can get blind
When it's fully pilled
It doesn't take much time, about 15 minutes, but costs 6000 uah
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