Aleksandra Ekimova from Nizhnekamsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Aleksandra Ekimova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2021-02-04 , financial damage US $ 0

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Aleksandra Ekimova
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She will return the money at the airport, but she got stopped in Moscow for contra ban. And asked me to help her out of the mess I got her into for trying to meet her.

Dear John, I sat and waited for your answer.
I am very tired, I feel bad from all this. Now I'm in an internet cafe, not far from the airport.
Dear John, I already have no strength, I am very tired, I want to sleep. I just wanted to wait for your answer to find out your decision! I am very worried about this, what happened today in the customs service. You are a real man, you did not leave me with this problem. Now I again consider myself guilty, but more to blame the customs service. Because they did not take their work seriously from the beginning. When I was there, I found out if there were any other restrictions, asked what else could prevent me from flying to you. The customs officer looked at everything, and he told me that this is the only problem that prevents me from flying to you.
I definitely need to pledge 4800 US dollar to the bank.
This is the only problem that keeps me from flying to you. I am completely confident that there will be no more problems. Dear John, I can fly to you tomorrow, if I pay off the loan, and I will immediately be allowed to leave Russia, and I will be with you tomorrow. As soon as you meet me at the airport, I will immediately give you the money I needed to prove that I can live in your country. You get them back. Over time, I will have to return back to Russia for documents, we can even come together if you want it. We can return the money that you send for a loan, except for those that will be deducted for a monthly fee, while I am with you! So that the amount will not be lost, and we can return it.
Dear John, and as soon as I land at your airport, I will refund all the money you sent back to prove that I can live in your country. Dear John, forgive me for all the problems presented. I really hope that you will not leave me in this situation, and we will be together. You support and help me in everything! This is a real man's act! I am very proud of you, I very much ask you, do not leave me! I want to get on a plane and fly to you.
I really hope that everything will be fine, we will be together. We walked for a long time to our meeting and we overcame all difficulties, except for this one, which appeared only today. I didn??t know it would be a problem for us, and only today I was told that. Dear John, the main thing you should know is that all the money will be intact. I'll give it all back to you.
Now there is a crisis in Russia, and very tough measures to leave for another country. As you know, I took out a loan to purchase an apartment, and over time I am thinking of selling the apartment so that later we could live together at your house! Dear John, I already have no strength, now we have almost 21 pm. I'm going to spend the night in the waiting room until morning.
I want to get some sleep. At 9 am I will come and hope to see your answer.
Dear John, I only need you! I believe that we can overcome all difficulties and be together.
I love you John!
In the morning I will come to receive your letter. I kiss you sweetly! I have to go. I look forward to your reply in the morning. I need you!
Your love, forever Aleksandra Thu, Nov 26, 2020, 7:14 AM to me Dear John, thanks for your prompt reply! I am very glad to receive good news from you. I was very worried. Now you have calmed me down a lot and even the table is easier on my soul. I am very pleased that you are trying to do a lot for our meeting. Dear John, I really hope that today you can easily send your help for me 900 US dollar, addressed to my uncle Nikolay. Now I want to write the complete data again. Name-Nikolay Surname-Lachkov Country-Russia City-Nizhnekamsk Street-Molitovskaya House - 29 Apartment - 16 Post code- 423579. That's all you need to send your help to my uncle Nikolay without any problems, and after that I go with him to receive your help. I believe in you !!!! I also want to say that there is a Western Union bank not far from my work. I really hope that you will soon send your help for me to my uncle Nikolay without any problems. I love you John !!! Dear John, write to me as soon as you go to the bank. I am waiting for your reply with good news. Yours forever Aleksandra Attachments Dec 2, 2020, 3:57 AM to me Hello John !!!! I read your letter and was still very upset. To begin with, I am now in a very difficult situation, I cannot find a way out of this situation. I cannot find money to come to you, and this is the main problem now. I understand that you are worried that I am not real, and therefore you do not want to help me. It makes sense, the point is, so you can make sure that I exist before you trust me completely. I thought about that for a long time yesterday. How can I prove to you that I really exist, and I have only one way. I decided to take this photo to convince you that I am real. If even this cannot convince you of my sincerity, and does not help you to start trusting me, then I think that our relationship with you in absentia is doomed to failure. There is no relationship without trust, and if we cannot build a relationship with you, then everything was in vain. Understand that you do not need to give up and you need to do everything for the sake of our meeting. Understand that we can be together this week in the very coming days. I really hope for your understanding and you will do everything to resolve this situation and we will be together forever! I love you John! I kiss you and I expect your answer soon. Yours forever Aleksandra Attachments area
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