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Name: NatashaClub
Online dating agency description: NatashaClub Dating Agency gives you the chance to sample both - find the love of your life over 50 without paying anything!
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They hide the address? We know they are from:, Romeoville, IL, 60446. Country:USA
Do they hide the contact phone number? 1-866-Y-SINGLE
Our users have indicated their status is: WhiteList
On our Data Base from: 2007-06-26
Modified: 2007-06-26

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Date:[2019-07-14 01:28:24]    Voted:[5]
A professional and safe site. I had a lot of prejudices when I first joined NatashaClub. I was sure the site was scam and had a lot of fake profiles. I talked a little with a few women and quickly began to wonder if I was wrong and the women were real. I decided to test it and kept contact with one woman I had a good conversation with. We shared contact information and we became very good friends in real life. A year later I found another friend and she was real too. The customer service is very helpful and very serious. I know that they really try to make the site serious and scammer free and want to help if you need it. I know how much they care about being a serious and trustworthy site, because I have seen how much they care and does for it. One day a woman began to send a lot of smiles and wrote to me. This happens all the time but this woman was special because I already knew who she was, but I had no pictures on my profile so she couldn??t know who I was. I wrote back to the woman, and at the same time I contacted her directly to tell her that is was me she was writing to. The woman has a lot of humor, so she confirmed at it was her profile and pictures, but she also told me that is wasn??t her who had replied me! My prejudices was immediately activated, so I decided to play a little game with the fake profile. I was sure that I just was writing with a person from the agency so I wrote a little with the profile before I reported the profile to Natasha??s customer service as fake. They took the case very serious and refunded the money I had spend on the profile right away, and said they would investigate the case. A few days after my friend contacted me, and asked me for help. She admitted it was herself who had sent all the letters to me for fun but that she now had to go through a huge security check by NatashaClub to prove her identity and everything and it was making her crazy. After a lot of laughter, I forgave my friend for the joke that went out of control, and I embarrassedly contacted Natasha??s customer service to tell what have happened, so they could close the case again. I??m very sorry for the time I have wasted for the customer service, but I now I know how much they care about their site. To the men who read this. Expect the women are real and treat them with respect! I have heard a lot of stories about how men behave on the site. Do you really expect that a real woman is interested in you if you treat her badly? A lot of the women are highly educated and with good careers. Some are even richer than you ever will be yourself! Don??t think all women on the site just wait for you to save them, because they don??t need or want it. You don??t get their respect or interest if you treat them badly! That??s the number one reason why men have bad experiences on the site!

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